There was a hearing April 27 to determine whether a restraining order would be issued against Craig Jungwirth, the man best known for being accused of threatening the Wilton Manors LGBT community with a “Pulse” like the attack in 2016.

Several queer men over the past several months have accused Jungwirth of cyberstalking and harassment. Two have attempted to file a restraining order against him.

But in order for that to happen Jungwirth must be served with the proper paperwork. Jungwirth has been known to evade lawsuits by avoiding being served. While his official address is in the Orlando area he’s been known to frequent the greater Wilton Manors area. This weekend someone Facebook posted a photo of him at Andrews Diner.

According to the judge in the restraining order case law enforcement will only visit an individual’s address that has been listed on the paperwork. They will not hunt someone down. And since it appears Jungwirth is constantly on the move it will be difficult for anyone to track him down.

One of the men accusing Jungwirth of wrongdoing is James, a local barber, who asked that his last name not be used for fear of further harassment.

It all started when James made a comment on someone’s Facebook post about Jungwirth where he wrote “This fuckers at it again, he needs to be locked up.”

“I made a comment, not knowing that my safety or my sanity is going to be jeopardized,” James said.

When James went to work the next day he noticed an appointment with Craig Jungwirth.

“I canceled the appointment,” he said.

Later that afternoon Jungwirth called the barbershop and James spoke to him briefly before handing the phone back to the receptionist. James said Jungwirth allegedly told the receptionist he was going to show up to the shop at 4 p.m. to “beat the fucking hell out of that fucker.”

In the next two weeks following their interaction Jungwirth booked 188 appointments through the online system forcing James to go offline.

Jungwirth made national news when he was accused of posting this message on Facebook:

“My events are selling out cause you faggots are total patsies. None of you deserve to live,” a man wrote on Facebook with the profile name Craig Jungwirth. “If you losers thought the Pulse nightclub shooting was bad, wait till you see what I’m planning for Labor Day.” Another message read: “I’m gonna be killing you fags faster than cops kill niggers. It’s time to clean up Wilton Manors from all you AIDS infested losers.”

SFGN was never able to independently verify whether those messages came from Jungwirth since he was known to create multiple fake profiles to promote his Beach Bear Weekend events.

Jungwirth spent months behind bars in 2016 while prosecutors attempted to gather evidence against him when he allegedly made those threats. In the end though investigators were not able to link the threats to any of the 59 Facebook profiles Jungwirth had access to so they dropped the case.

Adam Dupuis is the other local man who attempted to file a restraining order against Jungwirth. Dupuis accused Jungwirth of impersonating him on a gay dating app, GROWLr, creating dozens and dozens of fake profiles using his name and photo.

James and Dupuis’ cases were heard by a judge on March 29 and then again on April 27. In both hearings the judge explained that since Jungwirth had not been served the paperwork her hands were tied. If Jungwirth isn’t served within 120 days the cases will be dismissed.


Photo via Facebook.