Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi -- long a thorn in the side of the gay and lesbian community – was grilled by CNN journalist Anderson Cooper on Tuesday.

In a televised interview from Orlando, Cooper asked Bondi if she truly thought she was a champion of the gay community. Bondi dodged the question saying she put her hand on the Bible and swore to uphold the Florida Constitution.

In the five minute interview, Cooper noted Bondi’s office argued against same-sex marriage in court, going as far as claiming it would “impose significant public harm.” The CNN newsman twice asked Bondi if there was a “sick irony” in her attempt to cast herself as an ally of the LGBT community in the wake of the worst mass shooting in history. A massacre that took place at a gay nightclub.

“I’m not championing anything other than Floridians, that’s what this is about,” Bondi said. “We’re about human beings.”

Cooper brought up Bondi’s costly court fight against same-sex marriage and her failure to recognize gay pride month during her tenure as Florida’s attorney general.
Bondi’s office has agreed to pay the American Civil Liberties Union of Florida $213,000 in legal fees from the same-sex marriage case. Overall, the court battle cost Florida taxpayers more than $500,000 in legal fees.

On Wednesday, Bondi said CNN unfairly edited the interview and Cooper misled her into thinking she would be talking about donation scams related to the Pulse Nightclub shooting.
The interview, Bondi told New York’s WOR 710 radio, only served to “encourage anger and hate.”

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