Congressional Candidate Galvin Wants Oil Drilling Ban

On the heels of an Associated Press report that more than 27,000 oil wells are abandoned in the Gulf of Mexico, openly gay US District 17 candidate Scott Galvin is calling for an end to off shore oil drilling in Florida. A winner of a Sierra Club environmental award as long ago as 2001, Galvin said he was an environmentalist who would work as a congressman to develop clean energy sources for the nation.

As a North Miami mayor, Galvin initiated the creation of the Arch Creek East Environmental Preserve, locking down thirteen acres of bayfron property as a nature habitat.

The AP, calling the Gulf an "environmental minefield," says the oldest of these wells were abandoned in the late 1940s, raising questions about whether their seals remain intact. It says 3,500 wells are listed as "temporarily abandoned," without seals, with 1,000 of them remaining that way for more than a decade.

Galvin pointed out that such wells can repressurize, much like a dormant volcano can awaken. Years of exposure to sea water can can cause cementing and piping to corrode and weaken as well.

Citing Government Accounting Office reports that suggest the situation has the potential to be a “foreboding crisis,” Galvin promised to become a national spokesman for “green energy,” willing to fight to protect beaches and coastal waters.


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