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Looking to get in shape with your community? Badass Runners has just the event for you: the Pride Run 5K in Delray Beach.

“The Pride Run 5K is Delray Beach's first Pride Run 5K and what we hope will be an annual event,” Chief Badass of Badass Runners Steven Spitz said.

The race is both virtual and in-person, giving runners the option to run on their own in a location of their choosing, or run with other participants in Delray Beach.

“The Pride Run 5K is an in-person event but we do have a virtual option which means you simply do it anywhere and anytime and post it to our FB Badass Virtual Race group or you can easily use our Strava group,” Spitz said. “Both are optional as we will mail the medal to every registrant whether they prove their run or walk or not.”

Badass Runners hosts a variety of different themed races, but Spitz wants the Pride Run 5K to be an opportunity for the LGBT community and allies to come together.

“We aim to have this event be 100% inclusive and hope that those in and outside the LGBTQ community attend,” he said. “We are thrilled to have Compass Community Center, one of South Florida's largest communities who helps thousands of people in the LGBTQ community with a vast number of programs.”

Participants can sign up for the Pride Run 5K until June 12, which is the day before the event.

The event will take place June 13 at Batch Gastropub in Delray Beach. Runners must be at the starting line at 8:40 a.m. to compete.

“To clarify, about 30% of our community are walkers so no excuses, you can walk your 5K too!” Spitz added.

Participants will receive more than a medal at the event. According to the Badass Runners website, runners and walkers will be able to grab free water bottles, a full-color custom race bib, a free finisher’s beer or mimosa, B-12 shots, and an opportunity to meet fellow runners within the community.

As for COVID precautions, the event is following the Palm Beach County guidelines.

“Most restrictions are lifted so we no longer require masks in our outdoor finisher's area,” Spitz said. “Note that our entire event, both the running and walking aspect and the finisher's area, complete with over 16 partners providing sweepstakes and services, is outdoors.”

Even after the Pride Run 5K is over, Badass Runners offers different themed races for runners and walkers to participate in year-round.

“We are an international community of runners so whether you opt for one of our many virtual races or do an in-person event there's plenty of opportunities online or in-person to interact with others in the community,” Spitz said. “We even have a Fitness Events tab on our website at that people can subscribe to and get updates as events come out.”

Though it was challenging to stay active during the pandemic, Badass Runners is here to help people get back into shape one race at a time.

“Our mission is to create a healthier world through fun, fitness, and charity. Every event is themed to make it fun, every event requires a finish on the part of the participant and each event connects to charity,” Spitz said. “Running is a phenomenal way of getting exercise whether on the trail, the road or treadmill but we think walking is also a great form of exercise.”

To sign up for the Pride Run 5K, visit and select the Pride Run 5K tab.