What was thought to be a sleepy community dog park became another crime scene recently as authorities arrested a young man for aggravated assault.

Wilton Manors police arrested a 30-year-old male on May 1 on two charges – aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and simple assault with intent threat to do violence.

In a Wilton Manors Police Department report, Logan Broliath, 30, was arrested at Colohatchee Park, 1975 N.E. 15th Avenue, Wilton Manors. The park has a long and well documented history as a meeting place for people to engage in outdoor sex.

In the report, Broliath is alleged to have approached an unnamed victim with “hands balled into fists, and clenching his jaw.” Broliath, reportedly, yelled at the victim he was going to “kick his ass.”

Broliath is listed as a 6-foot-2, 170 pound white male with a Fort Lauderdale address. The deadly weapon Broliath is accused of wielding is a black switchblade knife. He reportedly chased the victim around the park threatening to stab him.

The victim, authorities say, gave a sworn taped statement to police and signed a prosecution affidavit.

This is the second reported incident in May at Colohatchee Park, an 8.5 acre community park – with an additional seven acres of Mangrove preserves -- located in the city’s eastern boundaries. On May 12, an undercover detective for the Wilton Manors PD arrested two men for lewd behavior in plain sight on the park’s boardwalk.