Coalition for Fairness & Equality (CoFFE) Formed to Protect Civil Rights

Congressman West ‘In His Own Words’

A group of concerned citizens, representing the diversity of the South Florida community, has come together and formed ‘The Coalition for Fairness and Equality (CoFFE)’

The group emerged as a response to the cancellation of Congressman Allen West’s (R-FL) speaking appearance in Wilton Manors. The purpose of CoFFE is unifying, not dividing; bringing together the community and its supporters, through open discussions with our elected officials.

The cancelled closed-door meeting with Congressman West has led us to host an event, not in the darkness of a closed room, but in the bright sunshine of Wilton Manors, accessible to all, without qualification or inhibitions on dialogue and debate.

With the aim of education and promoting equality and fairness, we have extended an invitation to Congressman West to join us and address the community in his own words, and meet with his constituency.

The public forum and rally will be held on August 8 at 6 pm, at City Hall Square, 2200 Wilton Drive, WiltonManors, FL 33305. L. Stuart Milk, a founding member of CoFFE, president of the Harvey Milk Foundation and the nephew of the late San Francisco gay rights activist, Harvey Milk, will speak at the event since he has become an activist in his own right and maintains a South Florida residence.

For further information, contact Norm Kent, 954 530 4970