Tony Dee is resurrecting Chardee’s.

Dee, with his business partner and husband, Andy Martin, have purchased Progress Bar, 2440 Wilton Drive, and say they plan to open Chardee’s Lounge.

Dee and Martin say Chardee’s Lounge will be open this month and the grand opening is set for early December.

Dee, who owns multiple properties on Wilton Drive, opened the original Chardee’s, located where Southern Nights is now, in October of 1990. He sold it five years later and it closed 10 years after that. “That name Chardee’s is still popular today. It has a great name,” said Dee.

Martin said the new Chardee’s would be an entertainment venue. “This is more like a version 2.0 . . . It’s going to be a bar for everybody,” Martin said. “It’s really going to be two business in one,” said Dee. There will be an early crowd and late crowd.

There will also be two areas for entertainment and music. Inside will be 50s, 60s, show tunes, jazz, and blues four nights a week. The outside patio will be more modern music. “A little more today’s stuff,” Martin said.

Asked how they would handle the strong competition among Wilton Drive’s bars, which Dee described as “2-for-1, 2-for-1, 2-for-1 all over,” Dee said that “everybody kind of finds their home, their own niche.”