ACLU Plans Party on Last Day Florida Can Appeal Gay Adoption

Friday, October 22 marks the last day that Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum can appeal the decision to let Martin Gill remain the adoptive father to his two boys, thereby making Florida’s ban on gay adoptions “unconstitutional”. On the evening of this date, Martin Gill will head to South Beach where the ACLU has planned a celebratory get-together at the Shore Club.

“If the Attorney General does not appeal, we will celebrate this landmark victory and commemorate the day when Florida’s adoption ban will officially become a relic of Florida’s shameful past,” says the ACLU, “If he does appeal, we will kick off the final step to putting this law to rest once and for all.”

The likelihood of such an appeal is difficult to ascertain. On one hand, many Florida politicians, including most of those running for re-election have joined a growing chorus advocating repeal of the ban. Newspapers like the Sun Sentinel and Miami Herald have given the ban their thumbs down as well.

But none of those entities are Bill McCollum, who has repeated his protestations against gays adopting children many times. McCollum has not always been completely friend or foe to gay rights but he has demonstrated a predominantly conservative view on the matter. At one time, McCollum was slammed by conservative activists as “a tool of the radical homosexual lobby'' for favoring a federal hate-crime law including protection for gays and lesbians.

A few similar activists have come out to pressure to McCollum to appeal the recent ruling. Oneal Dozier, an African American Christian Republican who joined the Dove World Outreach Church in protesting mosques being built earlier this year, has begun to rally a handful of citizens in Plantation, Florida. He and his wife told news cameras that “God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.” Without any marks for originality, Dozier plans to keep lobbying McCollum to appeal the ruling and bring the ban back to Florida.


To attend the celebration at the Shore Club, be at 1901 Collins Ave in South Beach at 6:30 PM or visit for more information. “This decision is a major victory for Martin, his family,” says the ACLU, “and most importantly for thousands of children waiting to be adopted in Florida.”