The trans community is under attack like never before. From state-sanctioned discrimination to being scrutinized by strangers while doing everyday tasks, like shopping or having dinner.

It’s easy to understand why many are uneasy to relax and show off their bodies at a pool party or fun park.

But an event that encourages the trans community to have a fun day in a safe space is returning in full force. SunServe’s Body Positive Beach Bash is set for Saturday, Sept. 3, from 5-8 p.m. at a private, lakefront park in Dania Beach.

“It’s literally a private party,” Misty Eyez, SunServe’s director of Transgender Services, said. “Many of our clients aren’t comfortable with their bodies, especially when it comes to water [activities].”

Everyone is at a different phase of their transition and can make average activities extremely stressful. But not on Sept. 3.

“We provide a place for people to not be ashamed of their bodies.”

Trans and GNC Folx will have a backyard-cookout style dinner, dance to the beats of DJ Jesimixx, and have splashy fun at the Aqua Challenge.

“You can literally come however you’re comfortable and play and have fun in a safe environment where nobody judges you.”

The idea came to Misty Eyez several years ago when she was out for a day of fun at an aqua park with her husband and a big group of friends, many of whom are trans.

“I get a lot of stares. I think our group, as a whole, got a lot of stares, weird looks, and glances.”

She started talking to staff about being there when the park is closed. By last year the event was all trans, including the lifeguards. This year people can bring their partners with them, making the event bigger than ever.

People who show up ready for a day may not have the confidence in other settings. 

“Most people are super excited when they get there. They can do things that the general public might laugh at them for. We're a family hanging out and having fun.”

While a confident community leader today, the event reminds Misty Eyez of her early days in transition and that drives her to help others today.

“I’ve had a love-hate relationship with my body, and 20 years ago it was more hate than love. I forgot how severe that was.”

The event is free, but you need to register in advance at