A new crisis has hit the LGBT community hard: Monkeypox. Read our coverage of the disease below.

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Florida Health Department Reverses Course; Will Administer Second Monkeypox Dose

With national guidance in flux, it appears the Florida Department of Health is trying to keep up, causing some confusion to those seeking a monkeypox vaccination. 

SFGN confirmed Tuesday FDOH  would stop giving a second dose of the monkeypox vaccine. On Thursday they reversed that decision.

Florida Department of Health to Stop Second Monkeypox Shot

SFGN confirmed Tuesday the Florida Department of Health would stop giving a second dose of the monkeypox vaccine. 

“To maximize the supply of smallpox/monkeypox, Jynneos vaccines, the Department of Health is using all available doses as first doses only,” said Nina Levine, the Public Information Officer for the Florida Department of Health Broward County. “Second doses will be rescheduled as vaccine supply increases.”

Florida's Monkeypox Cases Skyrocket to 938; Miami-Dade Overtakes Broward

Miami-Dade has overtaken Broward for the number of monkeypox cases in the state with 367.

Broward has 330 as of Aug. 7.

DeSantis Dismisses Monkeypox While Biden Declares it a 'National Health Emergency'

Gov. Ron DeSantis believes the concern surrounding the current monkeypox outbreak is overblown, accusing politicians of “trying to sow fear into the population.”

Broward County Up to 225 Monkeypox Cases, Still Almost Half of all Cases Statewide

After weeks of sharp increases, the rise in Broward County’s monkeypox cases has slowed slightly.

Since the state saw its first monkeypox case, cases have risen at an alarming rate, but over the past week, that rate of increase dipped.

Broward County Monkeypox Cases Continuing to Rise Fast

Two months after Florida saw its first monkeypox case, cases have been rising at an alarming level in the state and nationwide.

Since then, cases have risen to 310 cases, up from the 180 cases in the state last week.

LGBT Orgs in Cali Sound Alarm Over Monkeypox; Want Name Changed

A coalition of LGBT organizations in California is warning the state could become the epicenter of the disease if there isn’t immediate expanded access to testing and vaccines.

The organizations are also requesting the disease be renamed “hMPXV.”

LGBT Groups in NYC Rally Against Subpar Response to Monkeypox

A collection of LGBT supportive organizations hosted a rally in New York City last week to demand a robust local, state and federal response to the monkeypox outbreak, which has disproportionately affected transgender women, gay/bi men, and other men who have sex with men.

Broward County Ground Zero for Monkeypox, Gay/Bi Men at Risk. Limited Vaccines Available

Since that first case in Broward County in late May, monkeypox cases have risen to 105 in the state.

As of July 10, Broward had 67 of those cases; the most of any county in the state, according to the Florida Department of Health. Miami-Dade had 18 cases; Orange and Pinellas Counties each had five; Palm Beach County had four; Polk County had two; and Collier, Lake, Santa Rosa, and Seminole Counties each had one.

Pride Center, Our Fun Host Town Hall on Monkeypox Crisis

There is a lot of fear and misinformation around the monkeypox outbreak in Broward County, which is disproportionately affecting the gay and bisexual community.

To help get the word out, the Pride Center and Our Fund Foundation hosted a town hall with a panel of experts.

Guest Column: Can Gay Men Dial Back on Sex Until Our Monkeypox Vaccinations?

Years from now, there will be gay men who made it through a case of monkeypox who will have the scars up and down the shaft of their penis to prove it.

Let me repeat that. Scars. On their cock. For the rest of their lives.

Guest Column: Brian Thomas Loved His Florida Trip. Then Monkeypox Blisters Appeared

Brian Thomas was about to get an education in living with a new viral threat, joining a growing number of people worldwide who have been diagnosed with monkeypox, a sometimes-debilitating infection that causes fever, abdominal cramps, and painful blisters that can scar the body. It is also highly infectious.

Another Health Crisis for LGBT Community

On May 22 the Florida Department of Health in Broward County (DOH-Broward) announced the presumptive diagnosis is related to a patient who was involved in international travel. DOH-Broward said that person is in isolation.

Monkeypox is similar to smallpox, and the smallpox vaccine is likely to provide cross-protection.