This week marks three years since the massacre at Pulse in Orlando. In one of the deadliest shootings in U.S. history, 49 people were killed and 53 others injured. In the aftermath, many looked for ways to honor the victims, survivors, and their loved ones. 

That’s the motivation for #honorthemwithaction (HTWA), now in its third year. The national campaign is co-chaired by Equality Florida, Contigo Fund, and the National Equality Action Team (NEAT). 

“We want to honor the victims by doing something and taking action,” said Brian Silva, founder and executive irector, NEAT. “We want to create a world where this type of hate and this level of violence will not be tolerated. This is the first year where we are going full into it. Any organization can register to take part.”

HTWA has two parts. The first part has a national week of service (June 8-16) to the LGBT and Latinx communities by asking partners to provide events where volunteers can give back. Anything is possible. Th second part encourages people to post about what they are doing with the hashtag #honorthemwithaction.  

The posts and events will be displayed in real time. The campaign began as a way for the community to share on social media how they honored those impacted by Pulse by taking actions in their community to combat discrimination. 

All kinds of actions, from coming out to standing up for others, have been recorded in the past three years.  This is the first year for public events by organizations where people can give back and make a difference where they live.

Millions of people have taken part since 2016.

There are several events in South Florida honoring the Pulse victims, including some at Stonewall Pride. You can find them at