You can still get a decent car wash at Cactus on North Federal Highway in Fort Lauderdale, but you can't read SFGN there anymore.

In order to clean up their waiting area, Lonnie, the manager of the popular franchise operation, has discontinued its long-time free distribution of SFGN.

"If I allow it for you, then I have to allow it for everyone," he said, noting that the car wash already has ESPN Magazine, Sports Illustrated and a host of other publications in their waiting area. "That's more than enough," he said.  

"It's frustrating," commented SFGN publisher Norm Kent, "Because of their waiting areas, car washes are generally great venues to distribute free community newspapers. We provide a service for bored customers with minutes to kill while waiting for their vehicles."

"It's his business and if he wants to remove our paper he is free to," added Kent, "but I can also direct our van drivers and invite our readers to go down the block and get their cars cleaned at Majestic Car Wash, which continues to happily carry our papers."

The South Florida Gay News is distributes 10,000 free copies weekly, on Wednesdays, to over 400 distribution spots in the tri-county area, with the epicenter of drop off points in Greater Fort Lauderdale and Wilton Manors.

Kent invited business owners to reach out to him if they would like to receive and distribute SFGN. "We are always seeking to expand our circulation," Kent added, "from car washes to cinemas to shopping centers. Call us. We have nice clean news racks and distribution boxes which spaciously house SFGN, the Mirror and Guide to the Drive."

"We recognize that our community is diverse and disbursed- throughout Broward and we want to reach you."

SFGN is also available online 24/7, with breaking news and headlines posted daily. Readers can also subscribe to e mail blasts as well.

A list of all of SFGN's drop off points is online and periodically promoted in the newspaper.