Broward's Best Gal and Guy Bartenders go to Brooke F. and Shane C. for 2021.

Brooke F. is on a roll because she won Best Bartender in 2019, 2020, and this year.

She was hired by the Alibi as a bartender in 2011 but had to change jobs when COVID began. She started working at DrYnk Bar as assistant manager.

“I have lost numerous friends to the [COVID-19]. I have been absent in my family's lives due to not wanting to expose them, and endured financial hardship,” Brooke said in 2020. “But throughout these challenging times, it's imperative to remind ourselves that we are all in this together and always try your best to be a good human being.”

Brooke spoke about how there is no comparison between working at DrYnk and working at Alibi.

“DrYnk Bar and Alibi are entirely different dynamics. DrYnk Bar is a craft cocktail environment, while Alibi is a nightclub/restaurant, in which both serve their purpose within the Wilton Manors community. However, I will say that my DrYnk Bar family has embraced me with arms wide open and has made me feel nothing but love and appreciation.”

Runner-up: Ali at Apt. 9F


Shane C. must be mixing drinks well because he won the Best Bartender for the second time in a row.

Shane moved to the area a decade ago to open up The Village Pub that is now The Pub. 

“I love what I do and I love my extended family at The Pub and in Wilton,” he said in 2020.  

He describes his bartending skills as “honest,” “direct” and “super goofy.”

More recently he said: “There are so many amazing people on that list and also so many who never get recognized. I feel honored to win again. Also I want to thank the owners of the Pub for allowing me to be myself and to do what I love. I truly love going to work."

“Whether meeting new people or shooting the shit with the regulars, I try to make everyone feel special, laugh, and want all to have a positive experience,” Shane said. “I love to laugh, joke, and have fun behind the bar.”

He doesn’t have a signature drink saying “I like being challenged if someone has an idea and is open-minded to it.” Her personal favorite though is a black cherry white claw and a sweet tea shot with lemonade.

Runner-up: Brandon H. at Hunter’s

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