Broward League of Cities Supports LGBT Initiatives

Gary Resnick

The Broward League of Cities has incorporated LGBT issues into a Joint Legislative Action Plan they are proposing to a reluctant legislature.

Wilton Manors mayor Gary Resnick is presently serving as the President of the Broward League of Cities. He has been instrumental in advocating a strong LGBT agenda for the group of mayors who populate the group.

Three primary issues put forth and adopted by the league deal with adoption, partnership, and equal employment. Resnick noted that his goal was “to help raise awareness and resolve issues affecting residents from all of our 31 local municipalities. Unfortunately, the State of Florida still has laws and mandates that prohibit a large percentage of our communities from realizing certain benefits and enjoying the same rights as others in our State.”

Resnick noted that the State of Florida currently bans adoption by gay or lesbian applicants, despite the desperate need for stable and loving homes for many children. The League strongly opposes this and is supporting Senate and House bills to repeal the ban on gay adoption.

The League also supports setting fees for the registration or dissolution of domestic partnerships and the implementation of a directory of domestic partnerships with the Clerk of the Courts.

The Broward League of Cities has also endorsed the proposed Florida Competitive Workforce Act to ensure that all individuals have equal employment opportunities. This proposal creates the right to work regardless of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, handicap, marital status, sexual orientation or gender identity.

“South Florida’s greatest asset is its diverse population. We must recognize the importance of supporting the equal treatment of all our residents,” Resnick said.

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