Jacqueline Luongo is guilty of killing her roommate. Guilty of hiring a hitman to take out her girlfriend and guilty of tampering with witnesses, a Broward County jury determined on Wednesday.

Luongo, 46, of Deerfield Beach now faces the death penalty.

“I stared right into her eyes,” Eddie told SFGN after he was dismissed from the jury pool on Monday. He only gave his first name and said Luongo had a team of four defense attorneys against two prosecutors. “It was a real evil look she gave me. I just looked away.”

“The judge kept grilling me,” Eddie said. “Asking me if I had proof of my cruise ticket. I was glad I got off of it (the jury). I was a bit shocked.”

Eddie’s pending vacation got him off jury duty. On Wednesday, Luongo was found guilty of the premeditated murder of her roommate, Patricia Viveiros. With circuit court judge Dennis Bailey presiding, jurors also convicted Luongo on attempting a contract killing of her ex-lover, Maria Calderon. Prosecutors said Luongo hired an undercover detective to kill Calderon.

The motive in Viveiros’ death, prosecutor Sharon Tate said, was a $50,000 life insurance policy. Luongo, allegedly, cashed out the policies – in a wig – following Viveiros’ demise.

Eddie called the case “bizarre” and said he is glad he was released before jurors were selected.

“Why (Luongo) she gave me that stare?...she was trying to psych me out,” he said.

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