After weeks of sharp increases, the rise in Broward County’s monkeypox cases has slowed slightly.

Since the state saw its first monkeypox case, cases have risen at an alarming rate, but over the past week, that rate of increase dipped. 

Florida has 480 cases, up from the 310 last week. 

Last week saw an approximately 54% increase, down from the previous two weeks, where cases rose by almost 60%. 

As of Aug. 1, Broward had 225 cases, according to the Florida Department of Health. Miami-Dade had 113 cases; Orange County had 32; Palm Beach had 30; Pinellas had 20; Hillsborough had 16; Monroe had 12; 15 other counties in north, central, and west Florida each had five or fewer. 

On July 29, the White House allocated 72,000 vaccines to Florida, bringing the total allocated to over 109,000 in the state. 

The outbreak is particularly concerning for the LGBT community, as cases are disproportionately impacting gay and bisexual men, according to a study by the New England Journal of Medicine, among other sources. 

The fatality rate for monkeypox is about 10% and the risk of exposure is low since an infected person needs to be in close, prolonged face-to-face contact to get it. 

If you suspect you have been infected with monkeypox, contact your doctor immediately or call the Florida Department of Health at 954-467-4700 or 850-245-4444.

Check here for info on vaccine availability.


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