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Bring your towel and leave your body issues. The Body Positive Beach Bash is back over Labor Day weekend.

On Saturday, Sept. 4, the lake at Dania Beach will be a safe space for the trans and GNC (gender non-conforming) communities. The party started in 2019 as the brainchild of Misty Eyez, director of Transgender Services for SunServe.

She says the event was inspired by Aidy Bryant’s character in the show “Shrill.” “Annie [Aidy] went to a Fat Girl Pool Party. She literally showed up in a long-sleeve tracksuit and was uncomfortable removing it until she became more relaxed,” Misty says. “I took the idea, modified it for the trans/GNC, and ran with it.”

The free party will feature an Aqua Challenge, a barbeque, and a chance for people to have some much-needed fun. “Much needed indeed! Twenty-twenty has sucked the life out of many of us, and we deserve to let our hair down and have a good time.”

While the event is free, space is limited and you have to register online. Once your reservation is confirmed you’ll be told the exact location. Misty says staffing at the event will reflect the makeup of the guest list. Three trans and two LGBT lifeguards will be watching and transgender DJ Jessica Lam will be spinning.

Since joining SunServe in 2015, Misty Eyez has worked to create small events where people could feel safe and enjoy themselves. “We have created little ‘safety-in-numbers' events to help encourage trans people to leave their houses, go outside, and enjoy the world around them. Let's go to the renaissance festival, let's go to the State Fair, etc.”

With the pandemic canceling important events like Southern Comfort, an annual convention for the trans community in Fort Lauderdale, and constant attacks from lawmakers looking to score political points, Misty says events like these are more important than ever.

“Trans people are people, and we deserve to live and have fun. I do understand the desire to be reclusive and hide for our safety. However, we cannot sit and watch the world revolve around us,” she said. “We need to go out and live. It took a while, but I have learned to not only love and accept myself but to live my life out in the open. I encourage other trans people to go along with me.”

Self-acceptance, she says, is the key. “No matter who you are, yes, you, whoever is reading this article, it is important to love and accept yourself. You are beautiful and are worthy of love and success.” 

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