Bill's Filling Station Hosts Copa Reunion

Photo by Pompano Bill

An Event to Benefit Tiny Tina

‘A Copa Reunion’ at Bill’s Filling Station last Saturday evening, August 28, featured a host of South Florida’s most renowned female impersonators as a means of raising funds to benefit Ray Fetcho, known to adoring fans as ‘Tiny Tina.’


SFGN readers became familiar with the retired drag queen earlier this year when she became a celebrity of sorts, because the 61 year old lost her state licensed nursing job, due to a 34 year old ‘lewd act’ conviction, for promoting a 1976 ‘Wet Jockey Nite’ at the Copa.

SFGN’s Publisher, Norm Kent, an attorney, undertook a pro bono appeal to win Tiny’s license back, which he did. Promptly thereafter, Ray returned to work, offered new employment in the nursing field.

Unfortunately, soon thereafter, Ray developed some medical problems related to diabetes, first losing her toe, and then, sadly, her right leg to amputation. The benefit Saturday was to help her raise funds to make her home disability accessible.  The performance was hosted by Nikki Adams and featured guest appearances by Rikki Lee, Jean Chandler, Elektra, Tiffany Arieagus, Cathy Craig, Miss Kitty, Miss McCall, and a solo number by an ever so grateful Tiny Tina, herself.

Auctioned off at the event was a Pompano Bill photograph of Tiny Tina with the late Dana Manchester, purchased by Russell, a former Copa bartender, for $300. A host of original t-shirts, once owned by the late co owner of the Copa, William Bastiansen, were also auctioned off. The shirt which went for the mostest- $325-  featured a silhouette of the show ‘Let My People Come,’ originally performed at the Copa in its first year, 1976. All told, $4,000 was raised for Tiny’s rehab.

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