Between Two Hard Places

Gay Porn Actor Tells Adult Entertainment Giants: You’re too big for me

A Wilton Manors teenager has been caught in the crossfire of a million dollar lawsuit between two multimillion dollar gay porn sites.

Last November, Corbin filed a lawsuit alleging that a young model uploaded copyrighted images of himself on an escort site owned by, violating a prohibition on Corbin Fisher models marketing themselves as rent boys.

Named as the defendant was 19 year old Justin Krueger, last seen working the coffee counter at The Manor on Wilton Drive.  Krueger and the two porn giants battled it out in the United States District Court in Orlando.

The lawsuit by Corbin Fisher was filed by a nationally respected first amendment attorney from San Diego, Marc Randazza, their house counsel. The complaint alleges that Krueger had taken seven copyrighted images of himself, which he had sold to Corbin, and illegally uploaded them to, in order to promote his escort services.

Jealously guarding their copyright, Corbin Fisher sued, seeking damages of $150,000 per violation, or a total of $1,050,000, pursuant to federal infringement laws.  Randazza told SFGN that upon receiving the lawsuit, lawyers for swiftly negotiated a settlement, which their counsel, Peter L. Arvant of Troy, Michigan, confirmed. Both parties entered into a stipulation for dismissal of all claims. Krueger’s pictures were promptly taken down from the website, and a confidential settlement agreement was entered into by both parties.


Meanwhile, Krueger was hung out to dry. Still named as a defendant, the Plaintiff’s lawyer claims the young man exacerbated the problem, by refusing to accept service of process, filing motions to transfer the lawsuit to South Florida, and failing to show up for a settlement discussion. “At first,” Randazza said, “we did not want to sue him. But now he is going to have to pay for our time.”

For his part, Krueger lays the blame on Baileey Productions, specifically on the shoulders of his agent. “Baileey told me he was talking to Randazza regularly, and that I had nothing to worry about; that he would handle it. That is what an agent is supposed to do.” Court records confirm Krueger’s representations.

In Randazza’s petition for attorney’s fees, he notes that “Baileey is talent agent and the general point of contact for business affairs between Krueger and the Plaintiff.” Randazza’s court documents further show that he attempted to settle the suit directly with Baileey. After contacting Baileey by e-mail, he sent certified letters to the agent, including prospective documents which could resolve the case, but they went unclaimed at the post office.

SFGN has now learned that Baileey’s real name is Justin Caro, and that while he has represented and continues to represent dozens of local South Florida models, securing work for them doing porn, he is not now, nor has ever been licensed in Florida as a registered talent agent.

Krueger says that it was Caro’s boyfriend, Keith Carpenter, known in the industry as Dallas Reeves, who first hooked him up as a ‘porn star.’ “We met on Adam 4 Adam,” Krueger says, “and Reeves told me that his partner was an agent who could get me, with my looks, regular gigs doing porn. And that’s when I lost my virginity in every sense- on the set of ‘Anal Initiation Rites.’ “

Acknowledging that the lure of working in the adult entertainment industry is highly seductive, Krueger is one of many young South Florida men who supplement their incomes with sex films and off-camera work as escorts.

Krueger immersed himself into the sex industry, working professionally under the name ‘Jake Lyons.’ The diminutive good looking man has a tight frame which commanded his growing appeal in the industry. He was booked for scenes in over a dozen films. Krueger claims that it was Caro who put him into contact with the Corbin Fisher photography studio and the case documents support the assertion.

“I signed a contract with them [Corbin Fisher] under his guidance,” Krueger recalls.

Under his agreement with the studio, Krueger would model and Caro would receive a 20% commission as the actor’s agent. Krueger claims that Caro played fast and loose with the bookkeeping.

To augment his porn income, Krueger says that Caro suggested he start to escort. The popular sex trade site required Krueger to submit images of himself for approval before posting his ad.

According to Krueger, Caro suggested they use some of the photos which Corbin Fisher had taken, in violation of fine print of their licensing agreement with the studio.

“I was in [Caro’s] office and needed to put this ad together,” he recalls. “Baileey says, ‘let’s use the Fisher pictures.’ I told him we shouldn’t, but he said it was alright to use the Corbin Fisher shots.”

Emails between Krueger and customer service indicate that the pictures and his ad were originally denied because of a username error. Krueger says the website encouraged him to use the name “Corbin Fisher” for the ad.

Krueger alleges that Caro, his agent, told him to play hardball with the studio and its lawyers.

“Baileey said, ‘I will take care of it. I’m going to give this to my lawyers.’ What was I supposed to do?” he wonders.

Krueger says he was surprised that left him holding the ball. “I was hoping they would come to my aid,” he says. As the judge now prepares orders for pre trial discovery, Krueger is still without counsel, attempting to answer the pleadings on his own.

SFGN Publisher and constitutional rights attorney Norm Kent has attempted to work out a resolution for Krueger.  “Unfortunately for Justin, he was getting some bad advice from people he believed were acting in his interests. Then, working alone he compounded those poor judgments,” Kent says.