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The readers have spoken: These are the winners of SFGN's Best of Broward's Food of 2020.


Best Pizza & Best Italian 
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Best Asian - Tee-Jay Thai and Sushi

2254 Wilton Drive 

Wilton Manors 


                                                                                                                                                                                      Photo via Facebook.

It’s fitting that the Wilton Manor location of the pan-sexual, pan-Asian, Tee-Jay Thai & Sushi wins this category for the fifth time. Not only is the food terrific but the relaxed, accepting atmosphere makes it a favorite in our community.  

Whether you’re there for classic or adventurous sushi rolls, Thai cuisine or a Chinese-influenced stir-fry, you’re certain to find something you like. The cocktails are pretty amazing as well!  

Runner-Up: Thai Spice, a slightly pricier spot 

– RK

Best BBQ - Dixie Pig Bar-B-Q 

4495 North Dixie Hwy.  

Oakland Park 


Photo via Facebook.

Dixie Pig Bar-B-Q takes it for the fourth time. The simple, unassuming drive-up shack gives no indication of the world-class North Carolina style BBQ it dishes out.  

Ribs, brisket or chicken, pulled pork, beef and smoked sausages share the bill with standard drive-up fare such as burgers. Dixie Pig even serves breakfast (and you haven’t lived till you’ve had the smoked sausage and egg sandwich!)  

Runner-Up: Tom Jenkins  

– RK

Best Restaurant that Converted to Delivery/Pickup & Best Take Out - The Pub  

2283 Wilton Dr. 

Wilton Manors


Photo by Carina Mask.

In another new category, two long-time favorites of the community climb to the top.

In an example of just how devastating this pandemic is to local businesses, popular watering hole The Pub pivoted and expanded on its already successful menu of elevated bar food by providing pick-up service. I can tell you I’ve been there a couple of times when I’ve tired of my own cooking and picked up some dinner. The business placed the same in the Best Take Out category.

“The Pub is very proud of its associates, especially during this time of crisis,” said owner Michael Connell. “We’re proud of our reputation as being known as one of the safest clubs to support on the drive.”

While the Pub may have only walked away with two wins they were the runner-up in several categories including Best Restaurant for Social Distancing; Best Burger; Best Bar; and Best Bar for Lesbians. In total they racked up 11 nominations in 10 categories.

Runner Up: Bona Italian Restaurant, which already had a robust pick-up and take-out business have been able to keep afloat by increasing that aspect of the restaurant.

– RK

Best Dessert & Best Coffee - Stork's Bakery 

 2505 NE 15th Ave. 

Wilton Manors


Photo via Facebook.

Stork's Bakery claims the top prize for the sixth year. Whether its a full cake, a slice, a piece of pastry, or just a giant cookie, you wont be disappointed.

Add this to the fact that the selection is mind-boggling; a dozen pies, cakes like Mom used to make, as well as those reminiscent of a French patisserie, cheesecakes, cupcakes, bread pudding and tea bread.

Their tarts are especially popular. Check out the fresh fruit ones, Lemon White Chocolate Mousse Tarts and their recently introduced Red Velvet Oreo Cheesecake Tart.

You can go into a diabetic coma just reading the menu! And each item tastes as good as it looks. With so many goodies from which to choose, its no surprise that Storks continues to win.

The team at Storks is honored to have been nominated and selected, and they are very appreciative of their wonderful,supportive customers,” said Pasquale.

Storksalso takes Best Coffee Shop.

Whether its cold-pressed juice shots, energy drinks, the mushroom-infused coffee drink, Chagaccino (yes, thats mushroom!), CBD iced lattes, or adding coffee iced cubes to your favorite drink, Storks tries to stay on the cutting edge of the latest consumer trends,” Pasquale said.

Storks has been a staple in the community since opening in 1997. Like most businesses though they faced challenges this year due to shutdowns and restrictions. But unlike some places they were able to remain open which allowed them to keep all of their staff employed.

Storks, in collaboration with several loyal, generous customers, was privileged to provide and deliver meals to numerous front-line workers at various hospital facilities, as well as a local fire station,” Pasquale said.The staff at Storks is truly thankful for their loyal patrons, who have supported the restaurant throughout the years, but particularly during this very difficult year.

Long time employee Daniel G. won for Best Barista.  

Runners-Up: Java Boys takes runner-up for Best Coffee Shop while Wilton Creamery takes runner-up for Best Dessert

– RK

Best Mexican - La Bamba  

4245 N Federal Hwy.  

Fort Lauderdale


Photo via Facebook.

La Bamba takes the prize for the fifth year (in the category formerly called Latin). The local mini-chain (six locations) offers classic Mexican-American favorites such as tacos, nachos and enchiladas as well as a few more authentic Mexican dishes and some Spanish fare.  

Runner-Up: Tequila Sunrise. The unofficial Monday gay night at its location on North Federal helps it take the prize.

– RK

Best Restaurant Outside of Wilton Manors - J. Mark’s  

1245 N. Federal Hwy  

Fort Lauderdale 


Photo via Facebook.

In this new category, J. Mark’s, a long-time favorite of the community scores the prize as expected. Let’s hope that J. Mark’s can hang on through this pandemic, we look forward to gathering there with friends and family again. While we may not be able to sit at the bar and take advantage of those happy hour specials, we can still enjoy the upscale fare while dining on the expansive patio.

Runner Up: Cafe Vico

- RK

Best Kept Secret - Le Patio 

2401 NE 11th Ave. 

Wilton Manors


Photo via Facebook.

Can it really be a secret when you win the “Best Kept Secret” category four times? Le Patio is tiny and hard to find, but its reputation is legendary. The food all tastes home-made because it is. The European comfort dished out is matched only by the hospitality of the owners, Jean Doherty and Vero Leroux, who are always on duty and treat everyone as if they were a guest in their own home.

Runner-Up: The Alchemist in Eucalyptus Gardens

– RK

Best Steak - Capital Grille  

Multiple Locations  

2430 E. Sunrise Blvd. 

Fort Lauderdale 


Photo via Facebook.

Capital Grille, with dozens of locations across the country, is critically acclaimed for its dry-aged steaks. The Fort Lauderdale location, at The Galleria Mall, captures the prize in this new category. Your best bet is the bone-in rib-eye (aka Delmonico), but the New York strip is also a good choice.

Runner-Up: Another national chain, J. Alexander's.

– RK

Best Restaurant, Best Burger & Best Restaurant for Social Distancing - Rosie's Bar & Grill 

2449 Wilton Dr. 

Wilton Manors


Photo via Facebook.

Rosie’s is the Meryl Streep of restaurants, winning the Best Restaurant (seven times previously) and Best Burger (eight times previously) awards, so it should come as no surprise that it also won a new category, Best Restaurant for Social Distancing.

Most of Rosie's dining is outdoors, so it was an easy conversion, spacing tables farther apart and the staff taking precautions while being gloved and masked. Conveniently placed hand sanitizing stations also helped. It was the first restaurant I went to after months of isolation.

As for the food Rosie’s is more than just the burgers, check out the salads, fish tacos and yummy desserts. And don’t even get me started on brunch, with such classics as chicken and waffles, crab cakes and, of course eggs and omelets served dozens of ways. But if you do want a mouth-watering burger there are plenty of unique ones to choose from like Bacon Bitty Bang Bang and the Ivana Hooker.

Runners Up: The Pub was runner up for the social distancing award, and rightfully so, tables are well-spaced and it’s clear all safety protocols are being observed. Congrats to Bona Italian for placing as runner-up in the “Best Restaurant” category and to The Pub for runner-up status for the “Best Burger.” As they say, “It is an honor just to be nominated.”

– RK

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