Here are the selected winners by our readers for SFGN's Best of Broward's Bars.


Best Bar, Best Bar for Bears, Best Bar Staff & Best Business Owner - Hunter’s Nightclub 

2232 Wilton Drive 

Wilton Manors


                                                                                                                                                                         Photo via Facebook.

Hunters Nightclub in Wilton Manors is a perennial winner of SFGN’s Best Of. This year, Hunter’s won in several categories including Best Bar (for the sixth year in a row), Best Bar for Bears and Best Bar Staff. In addition, SFGN readers chose Hunter’s owner Mark Hunter the Best Business Owner. Meanwhile Hunter’s Posse won Best Virtual Group.

Hunters aims to provide “the ultimate quality and service. It is our goal to assure each and every patron of a thoroughly enjoyable entertainment experience. Our primary objective has always been ‘to get your spirits elevated.’”  

COVID-19 put a damper on Hunter’s success, as the club was forced to close for a couple of months. But Hunter’s survived the pandemic and returned to its former glory. 

At first the club was limited by the state’s insistence that it serves food, which led it to provide its patrons with a curated menu of dishes from nearby Wilton Manors eateries.  

As Mark Hunter told the Sun Sentinel’s Rod Stafford Hagwood, “when the restrictions meant you had to serve food in order to open, we went into that pool that we had already established and said to ourselves, ‘What is the best way to support the community and at the same time getting us open?"  

A month later Hunter’s was allowed to open as a straight (if you pardon the expression) nightclub though there are still restrictions. Patrons must wear a face mask, practice social distancing, and sit at a table to be served. 

Hunter’s patrons don’t seem to mind.  

In fact, they eagerly returned to their old watering hole. They came for such events as Fur Fridays, a magnet for the bear crowd. They came to enjoy the services of Hunters staff, which Hunter called “the heart of our establishment and are as passionate and responsible for your satisfaction as the owner.”  

And they came for the Mark Hunter, who never forgot a business owner’s obligation to the community that he serves. 

Runners-Up: The Pub takes runner-up for Best Bar; while he Eagle in Wilton Manors takes it for Best Bar for Bears. Claudia Castillo takes runner-up for Best Business Owner.

- JM

Best Drink - Smokey Old Fashion at Drynk 

2255 Wilton Dr. 

Wilton Manors


Photo via Pixabay.

Readers have made their voices very clear for the second time in a row for Broward’s Best Drink: the Smokey Old Fashion at DrYnK Bar & Lounge.

As you would guess, the mixology is an alternate version of the Old Fashioned recipe, but customers have a choice of Jim Beam Peach, Jim Beam Vanilla, or just Jim Beam to add to the drink. And it keeps customers coming back for more.

Despite opening more than three years ago, customers have taken quite a liking to the bar. They have left reviews such as “friendly bartenders” and “Chic décor,” and that the bar is highly recommended.

Happy Hour is daily from 2 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Runner-Up: Long Island Iced Tea at Georgie’s Alibi Monkey Bar

– KS

Best Leather Bar - Ramrod 

1508 NE 4th Ave. 

Fort Lauderdale


Photo via Facebook.

For the second time in a row, Ramrod has won Best of Bar for Leather.

The bar has been opened for more than 25 years, and is co-owned by Stephen Whiney and Zak Enterline who say it is the oldest gay bar in Fort Lauderdale with the “same owner, same location, and same bar.”

Ramrod went through some changes in the last 13 years. It went from one disco ball to a full-fledged light show, adding gargoyles and a knight in armor to give it a more “dark” look.

The bar holds special nights as well such as Leather/Fetish gear night on Fridays, and $3 Bud and Bud Light on Thursdays.

Runner-Up: Eagle Wilton Manors

– KS

Best Bar for Lesbians - Runner-Up: The Pub 

2283 Wilton Dr.  

Wilton Manors


Photo via Facebook.

The actual winner of this category told SFGN they did not want to be featured because it might hurt their business.

So instead we’re featuring this year’s runner-up The Pub as Best Bar for Lesbians.

“The Pub is proud of the diversity among its customers,” said Michael Connell, owner of The Pub. “We strive to be a bar for everyone.”

The Pub proved to be a powerhouse in this year’s contest with 11 nominations in 10 categories. It won two of them, and was the runner-up in six more.

They won for Best Restaurant That Converted to Delivery/Pick Up and Best Take Out.

Included in those 11 nominations were several of their staff including Shane C. for Best Bartender; Chris H. for Best Server as well as Howie and Konstantin Z. for Best Chef.

– JP

Best LGBT Friendly Straight Bar - Flip Flops Dockside Eatery

3051 NE 32nd Ave.  

Fort Lauderdale


Photo via Facebook.

We’re here, we’re queer (friendly), get used to it.

Flip Flops has made a name for itself in this category by winning multiple times.

Cue the cool Key West meets Fort Lauderdale atmosphere and first Sunday of the month drag shows (prior to the pandemic, hopefully returning soon).

Customers often sing the same praises: It’s good food, great service – and a fun option that’s not Wilton Drive.

The intercostal views at Flip Flops are awesome and the drink specials keep them coming back, too.

Owners Michael Pinto and Anne Ginsburg identify as straight, but their clientele is all over the map, including the staff, which is often predominately gay.[Text Wrapping Break][Text Wrapping Break]Their concept upon opening in 2010 was simple: “The doors are open to all. If you respect us, we respect you.”

The concept stands strong to this day.

Runner-Up: Oakland Park’s Funky Buddha Brewery.

— DS

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