South Florida’s bears don’t hibernate, they thrive all year. Bears of South Florida (BOSFL) is marking a major milestone: 20 years of fun and service.

Now they’re ready to celebrate. BOSFL is holding its 20th Anniversary Cocktail Party on Sunday, Jan. 22 at Union Kitchen.

The party is a chance to celebrate the first 20 years and kick off its next 20.

“The Bears of South Florida has always been committed to being a warm, welcoming, safe, and friendly organization without judgment,” BOSFL President Will Haas said. “We encourage body positivity, and are dedicated to listening to our club members' ideas for new and fun events.”

Once known primarily for its fun pool parties, BOSFL has made a commitment to philanthropy throughout the community.

“Proceeds from our varied event programming throughout the year, contribute to the grant fund. Twenty-twenty-two was the first year we have initiated a full year of programming,” Haas said. “We are an organization with a varied and broad scope of programming. This has allowed us to reach a vast audience. At several events this year we attracted participants that came from Miami, St Pete, Orlando, Tampa and Naples.”

In 2022, BOSFL raised and distributed $16,000 in grants, bringing the lifetime total to more than $150,000.

“I am very  proud and honored to not just be a part of but to be the president of such an amazing organization!” Haas said.

He said BOSFL is looking to expand its membership because the more people involved the more good work they can do.

“My favorite part of BOSFL is to see so many of my fellow community members have such a wonderful time while feeling safe, making friends, and contributing to a great cause! The thank you's and smiles I receive warms my heart, and make what we do worthwhile! Here's to another amazing 20 years!”

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