Craig Jungwirth, the now infamous organizer of Beach Bear Weekend appeared to have a meltdown this past week repeatedly calling one man a “nigger” and threatening to launch a Pulse-like massacre over Labor Day Weekend.

“My events are selling out cause you faggots are total patsies. None of you deserve to live,” a man wrote on Facebook with the profile name Craig Jungwirth. “If you losers thought the Pulse nightclub shooting was bad, wait till you see what I’m planning for Labor Day.”

Multiple people shared a screenshot of that message to SFGN. And even though Craig Jungwirth’s name is attached to this message SFGN could not independently verify whether it came from Jungwirth since he is known to create multiple fake profiles to promote his Beach Bear Weekend.

Meanwhile another Craig Jungwirth profile launched a racist attack against Gary Thomas of Philadelphia.

“And no cares about you, Gary. You really do need some new material, nigger,” he wrote. “I’m not wasting any more white man time with a nigger.”

Thomas told SFGN he has never met Jungwirth. But this past weekend he accepted a friend request from Jungwirth on Facebook before remembering who he was. Jungwirth started spamming his page with messages promoting Beach Bear Weekend.

“It’s a scam run by him,” Thomas said. “He’s been creating multiple fake profiles to promote this.”

Thomas said Jungwirth’s verbal assaults do not phase him.

“I’ve gone through a lot worse in high school. I’ve been called the n-word growing up,” he said. “I feel sad that people go to such a low point and insult them based on their race. It bothers me. Obviously the guy has mental problems and needs help.”

Here’s a sample of one such message he’s using to promote his event. 

“Free pass for you to and! But Jeff B. Black is trespassed because he defaulted on his mortgage and he's vectoring HIV.”

SFGN first reported on Craig Jungwirth in January when it revealed Jungwirth’s past legal troubles. From the initial SFGN report:

“…the new director had a permanent injunction and restraining order entered against him by a former employer, for conduct alleged to have been ‘threatening, erratic and violent,’ according to court filings. Additionally, Jungwirth, who was once arrested for stalking, is presently facing misdemeanor charges in Broward County Court for defrauding an innkeeper.. The stalking charge has since been dropped. However…SFGN learned that separate from that incident, circuit courts from three different states \ have entered restraining orders against Jungwirth for threatening behavior. They include representations that Jungwirth would ‘bankrupt’ his ex-employers, and they would soon be facing ‘heart attacks.’ Additionally, at least four former colleagues from his job in Massachusetts have filed individual petitions for restraining orders against Jungwirth, expressing fear for their personal safety.”

In March SFGN reported that it appeared Jungwirth was running a fraudulent Internet campaign promoting his event.

“’What Jungwirth is doing is perpetrating a fraud and theft on unsuspecting people thinking they are going to come to Fort Lauderdale for a great weekend…but the truth is he is tainting our community, acting alone, not part of an organization, and doing it with bullying and threats,’” local resident Jeff Black said last week, in an email.”

That’s the same Jeff Black that Jungwirth is now disparaging in his current promotions. Black has met with local authorities and he said he was told on Tuesday that threats from Jungwirth are now being forwarded to the FBI.

SFGN also previously reported on Jungwirth using fake profile to harass people in the community. Despite the continued harassment and multiple allegations of fraud the Beach Bear Weekend website is still up and running.

Black said beware of clicking on any links going to the website.

“There is no Beach Bear Weekend, or weeks or events,” he said. “I’m warning people to not follow these links.” Black believes the website will attempt to hack into your computer. “It’s not something to be trifled with.”

Neither of Jungwirth’s Facebook profiles mentioned above can be found on Facebook any longer and he could not be reached for comment as of press time.

Jungwirth’s actions have not only been threatening personally, however. They have also included spurious lawsuits against numerous local nightclubs filed in Orlando. They are demanding compensation for purportedly sponsoring the Beach Bear Weekend. One such claim against Hunter’s, a local nightclub in Wilton Manors, has already been dismissed. SFGN Publisher Norm Kent’s law office handled the phony claim. “He even bounced the check to the Orlando court,” Kent stated.

Other club owners, such as Nick Berry of the Courtyard Café in Wilton Manors, have filed criminal complaints against Jungwirth for petty theft, doing a ‘dine and dash’ from the restaurant. He ordered food and did not pay for it, was arrested, pled no contest, and failed to make restitution.

“He is a loose and dangerous cannon,” commented Bob Young, who sold the Beach Bear name to Jungwirth, and is now suing for rescission to get the name back. “He never paid for it,” Young stated.“He even bounced the check to the state to put the corporation in his name.”

Meanwhile, Black is pursuing a restraining order against Jungwirth in Circuit Court, but the case was not heard initially because Jungwirth was not served. It seems the twice evicted Jungwirth wound up giving a self-storage warehouse as his home address.


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