Anyone reading Hotspots last week had to be impressed with the full page ad that Jake Lyons took out featuring his porn star background.

He had been having a rough year.As reported in SFGN, the 20 year old Wilton Manors based skin star had been sued by a major studio, Corbin Fisher, for copyright infringement, exploiting the studio’s name without permission.When the young man defaulted on the case, the court entered a judgment of over $50,000 against him, an amount they have over 20 years to collect.

So you can imagine when they saw him renew his career and start boasting about new films, their lawyers were not smiling.They are out to make a point about responsibility, and they sure havefiling

a motion to garnish Lyons’ future wages from just about any studio in the United

States has hired him. Representing Corbin Fisher, San Diego

lawyer Marco Randazza has asked for the courts to garnish any monies Lyons may earn from here to eternity, listing over 20

studios he may one day work for, from locals like Chi Chi La Rue’s Channel 1 Releasing, to other major names like Falcon Studios, Titan Media and Next Door Entertainment.

“[Lyons] continues to publicly brag about how much money he is making, and that he has no intention of making any payment

whatsoever voluntarily,” Randazza told X-Biz.. “Unfortunately, this is the way we need to hold him accountable for his actions.When Corbin Fisher gets a judgment against someone, they hold the individual accountable.”

A judge in San Diego will decide the issue on January 18. Lyons, whose legal name is Justin Krueger, may want to put some of the money he is earning away to hire a lawyer.