(SS) About 500 protesters marched through the streets of Fort Lauderdale on Sunday night, chanting anti-Trump slogans and engaging a few observers in heated debate.

"Build bridges not walls," they chanted as they crossed the Intracoastal bridge.

The protesters were a mix of young and old, many holding posters. One held American flags.

Just minutes into the march down Las Olas Boulevard, some of the protesters got into heated arguments with people who were sitting in restaurant outdoor patios.

One woman and an elderly man exchanged verbal jabs.

"Communist!" the man yelled at the woman. After several minutes, the woman rejoined the march.

"That's my dad," said Cathy Josey, of Pompano Beach. "He's been calling me a communist since I was 20 years old because I vote Democratic, he's the original Rush Limbaugh viewer. I haven't had anything to do with him in five years, there's no Thanksgiving between us."

Josey said she fears that Trump will follow through on his many campaign promises, especially those relating to immigration. "He changes so much you really don't know what he'll do, all you can go off is what he's done in the past."

The protesters marched east on Las Olas to A1A, both of which were shut down to traffic by police.

The march carried on for about three hours. After hitting A1A, protesters retraced their steps back to the downtown area and at one point walked to Broward Boulevard. It ended up back at the park at approximately 9:15 pm, with a short rally before they disbanded.

"The people voted, Hillary Clinton, not Trump," said Gabrielle Carline, one of the organizers. "We should get rid of the Electoral College.

"Trump is is responsible to get up and denounce all that hate that he created."

Gail Koranyi stood on the sidewalk near the shops and restaurants on Las Olas and shook her head as the marchers passed.

"I voted for Trump, but even if I didn't, I would tell them, grow up, that's the way it's gonna be, and if I had voted for Hillary, same thing. I am just sick over this."

"Hillary is a liar and Trump, he's a billionaire and we need some like him because we're in a financial bad way," said Steve Greco, sitting at a table with friends.

One woman was arrested on charges of disorderly conduct on Las Olas Boulevard, Fort Lauderdale Police spokeswoman Tracy Figone said.

The brisk march, cleared by police on motorcycles, was otherwise peaceful. It was organized through a social media page and started at Huizenga Plaza.

Mostly peaceful protests have been held in more than a dozen cities across the country. On Sunday, more than 1,000 people marched in Manhattan, carrying signs in English and Spanish saying "Hate won't make us great" and chanting "We are here to stay."

Protests were also held Sunday in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Philadelphia. In Oregon, police said they arrested 71 people late Saturday and early Sunday during anti-Trump protests. A man in Portland was shot and wounded Saturday during a confrontation, police said.

On Friday, a mostly peaceful anti-Trump protest has held by more than an estimated 400 who gathered at the foot of Trump Plaza in downtown West Palm Beach. The crowd kept off roads until a couple hundred protesters left to march through the downtown and briefly blocked traffic on Flagler Drive.

In Miami on Friday night, a crowd of 300 to 400 people who gathered at Bayfront Park grew to what police estimated was several thousand who spilled into the streets and blocked major roads including Interstate 95, the Miami Herald reported. Another group gathered Saturday in Wynwood.