Men’s designer Andrew Christian will be stopping in Fort Lauderdale on his national book tour of SEX = POWER = FREEDOM, a book that shows underwear models in their natural habitat and is filled with messages of LGBT empowerment. 

SEX = POWER = FREEDOM is more than just a collection of pictures. Christian said that he started the book to be sexy and provocative, but that as he wrote it he began to incorporate more and more positive messages to the LGBT community. 

“When I went out to do this [book] I did so to let LGBT people know that they are not alone all around the world,” Christian said. “[This book] has inspired people and given them hope.” 

The book is 200 pages of glossy black and white photos that, according to the book’s description, “will push the limits of sexuality, create conversation, and stir quite a bit of controversy.”  

“Creating this art and coffee table book has been an endeavor into bringing positive awareness about LGBT empowerment about LGBT empowerment and how it relates to political freedom in the USA around the world,” the description continues. “This coffee table book features the Andrew Christian Trophy Boy pushing the limits of sexual desires and what that means for everyone in modern society.” 

Christian has been to a lot of gay pride events all over the world, and he noticed that while American prides tend to be celebrations, pride events in other parts of the world tend to be political movements. 

“There are a lot more closeted people in those communities, and there are courageous people who are out and proud and have to deal with the ramifications of that,” Christian said. 

Christian submitted the book for print back in October, but said he rescinded the copy and rewrote much of it following Trump’s presidential win. 

“It is remarkable how our community always comes together, we have been through hard times before and we are going through hard times now, but we will get through them,” Christian said. 

If you want to get a signed copy of SEX = POWER = FREEDOM and meet Andrew Christian, come to the Pride Factory, located at 850 NE 13th St in Fort Lauderdale on April 15 from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. 

There will also be a limited number of gold collector's books that will be raffled off during the event.