A complaint filed in Broward County court alleges bar owners humiliated a manager into quitting.

Michael Duffy, 47, was employed at the Alibi in Wilton Manors as a manager last year, but was forced to quit when owners Jackson Padgett and Mark Negrete embarrassed him in public.

Duffy spoke to SFGN via telephone about his complaint.

“Jackson is a loose cannon,” Duffy said. “This is not fair. I lost a good job because the owners are a bunch of irresponsible drunks.”

According to the complaint, Padgett and Negrete went on a drunken tirade through the Alibi, a bar and restaurant in Wilton Manors. Negrete allegedly threw food at the cooks and called them “monkeys.” Padgett allegedly told Duffy to get on his knees and perform fellatio on him and poured water on his head. That’s when Duffy had enough and walked out.

“I was completely in shock,” Duffy said. “I’m a professional and this type of behavior was highly offensive.”

Duffy’s attorney, George Castrataro, said the Alibi owners have been unwilling to settle. SFGN contacted Padgett and Negrete's attorney Paul Silverberg for comment but has not received a return call.

Duffy said he’s not asking for a lot, just compensation for the seven months he was out of work.

“It was a great job for me,” Duffy said. “I excelled at it and I loved it.”