HIV-positive patients in South Florida are seeing their healthcare options shrink.

AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) said they are no longer working with Broward Health in conjunction with their Positive Healthcare Partners (PHP) Medicare Advantage health plan.

AHF said Broward Health was unwilling to negotiate a reasonably affordable contract to continue seeing patients as part of their network of “safety-net” hospitals. In a statement, AHF said, “Broward Health’s continued focus on profits over people, will result in the access to health care services of even more individuals being compromised, specifically, now those living with HIV in South Florida.”

PHP serves patients in Broward, Duval, and Miami-Dade counties, and has had a contract with Broward Health since 2008. AHF said other hospitals in their network charge much less than Broward Health for similar services.

“It is appalling and unacceptable that Broward Health, a public health system, wants to continue to [gouge] a non-profit insurance plan that has over three decades of providing life-saving services to those living with HIV,” stated Donna Stidham, AHF Chief of Managed Care. “Given the continued increase in the number of individuals diagnosed and living with HIV and other health challenges, we need to all be working together to ensure nothing inhibits anyone from having access to care and possibly falling out of care, especially publicly funded hospitals like Broward Health.”

Broward County and South Florida continue to lead the country in new HIV infections, making treatment that much more critical to the region.

The contract is scheduled to finish at the end of May 2022. AHF said all Broward Health hospitals, Broward General Medical Center, Broward Health North, Imperial Point and Broward Coral Springs, will no longer be a part of their network.

SFGN reached out to Broward Health and, as of press time, has not heard a response.