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The waiting room is one of the most ubiquitous, and dreaded, parts of healthcare.

Now, at one busy clinic, it’s a thing of the past.

AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) held a ribbon-cutting ceremony for its new Northpoint facility on May 10. One of the key features is the feature that doesn’t exist: waiting rooms.

“The inconveniences of other health care clinics, like waiting rooms, are alleviated,” Dr. Zachary Henry said. “This new clinic has a setup where patients are able to check-in at the front counter and are immediately brought back into an exam room.”

As the medical director for AHF Northpoint, he knows that top-level care is something that is deserved by everyone, not just people with great insurance. The location itself adds dignity and convenience to the patient experience, as AHF President Michael Weinstein observed.

“The old facility served us very, very well, but it was a bad layout. It was broken up into three different pieces. Also it was way in the back. So when people came on public transportation they had to walk a long way in the heat of the summer to get there.”

The clinic will serve around 3,600 patients a month, with the vast majority being HIV-positive or on PrEP. This is important to the South Florida community, as the area continues to be one of the leaders in new HIV infections.

“This is a way to start a new facility with a new vision to give the same high level of service and care to people who need it,” Dr. Henry said.

Patients aren’t the only ones benefiting from new facilities. The staff that serves clients have more space, newer equipment, and a better arsenal of diagnostic tests.

“As any organization grows, eventually there comes a time to upgrade your facility and what you do to execute your business. So the staff benefits from having a new facility because there is new, sometimes better, equipment which means easier ways for the staff to do their jobs and do what they enjoy,” Dr. Henry said. “Help them feel like they’re doing something for the community and doing what they do best: providing care for patients who need us to be there for them when others may not be.”

AHF’s new Northpoint facility is at 6333 N. Federal Highway in Fort Lauderdale. For more information on AHF’s services, please visit