Two powerhouses serving Broward County have joined forces: AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) and Broward House.

The announcement was made last month. Now, both organizations are talking with SFGN about how this new affiliation will help both organizations help the community.

The groups aren’t strangers. Stacy Hyde, CEO of Broward House said becoming formal affiliates is a logical next step.

“While we’ve always worked alongside each other well, to actually integrate that in a stronger way is just going to be better able to serve our clients.”

Broward House’s mission is to improve the quality of life for individuals with chronic health challenges, including HIV. That includes wellness and housing AHF is a global non-profit and the largest provider of HIV/AIDS care in the U.S. Imara Canady, AHF’s National Director, Communications & Community Engagement, said Broward House is exactly what they look for in new affiliates.

“The Affiliate Program is about being like-minded, and that’s what makes this such a win-win. Both organizations are client-focused, community-focused. It’s ease of service and ease of care for everyone. We look to be in alignment where it makes sense for both organizations.”

Hyde said this is a perfect partnership for Broward House as well.

“We both have strengths. AHF’s medical care and medical capacity are top-notch. Broward House really brings the health component, the mental health services, strong social service case management, and housing. A combined belief in what we do in the community as far as HIV care goes. Both AHF and Broward House have a long commitment to Broward County, and to HIV care and prevention.”

The partnership will also help streamline care, so clients don’t have to tell their stories (and possibly relive intimate traumas) over and over.

“We hear from people that we’re serving sometimes that they don’t want to have to share their story again,” Hyde said. “We’re protectors of people’s stories. They share with us the most intimate details. It’s still difficult to walk into our doors. Then to be asked your most intimate details; your house, your finances, your sexual history. That’s a lot to share.”

Broward House is grateful for the grants it gets from a wide range of philanthropic groups and people, but oftentimes those grants are very targeted and restrictive. For example, a grant may help get a bed for someone, but won’t cover sheets and blankets. Money from AHF will, among many other things, help bring complete dignity to people who need help.

“It allows us to say ‘Yes!’ Dignity is the most important thing that we give to people. People who come to us have been told no so many times. Our job is to surprise them and say ‘Yes, we’ve got you.’”

Hyde believes this will help more people get more services almost immediately.

“We don’t turn anybody away, whether they fall into a grant or not. So this allows us to fill all of those gaps for people who don’t fit into a specific grant funding.”


Broward House Joins AHF to Fight HIV