The Pride Factory — the go-to shop for swimwear, clothing, sunglasses, health products and much, much more — is getting ready to celebrate it’s 21st anniversary. 

Store manager Rocky Bowell has been with the store for 18 years and says that the store has done so well because they listen to what their customers want. 

The store has gone from selling adult videos in its younger days to selling books, and now the Pride Factory offers a wide range of clothing, birthday cards and adult toys — the store has something for everyone. 

In terms of clothing, the Pride Factory has a lot of brands loyal to the store. It is the only place in Broward to find brands like Addicted and Pump. 

“For a store this size to be around this long in this community is a feat in itself,” Bowell told SFGN. “And we aren’t even located on the Drive.”

The store, located at 850 Northeast 13th Street in Fort Lauderdale, has been leading up to its anniversary celebration by taking 21 percent off of random items throughout the store during March and giving away random items all month. 

The anniversary celebration is being held in the store from 5 to 7 p.m. on April 2. There will be refreshments and food, and even some prize giveaways. 

“We started asking vendors to send us stuff for our basket giveaways, like wine and munchies,” Bowell said. “We even have a $500 shopping spree.” 

Be sure to check the Pride Factory leading up to their anniversary for deals on clothing, and come out to the party to meet with your community and for a chance to win prizes. 

“We thank our customers for supporting us this long,” Bowell said.