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On every third Thursday of the month, Mina’s Mediterraneo on Northeast 79th Street is giving Miami a new, and very welcomed, kind of ladies night. OK, very welcomed may be an understatement. From jump street, the Lesbian Takeover event at Mina’s has been an enormous success.

“Bridget Hieronymus (the organizer) approached me to host a meetup style event she was going to host on Facebook called ‘A Different Kind of Ladies Night.’ Based on the RSVPs she estimated a turnout of about 70 people. By 8 p.m. there were easily 250 women in The Garden.” Mina’s owner Yasmine Kotb told SFGN.

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“That sort of turnout said it all.”

Mina’s Mediterraneo restaurant -- a quaint and cozy inside with a garden setting outside -- specializes in a vast variety of Middle Eastern cuisine. From the first look, Mina's doesn’t scream Lesbian Night, but that’s exactly what is thriving there once a month.

Since the beginning, “A Lesbian Takeover at Mina’s: A Different Kind of Ladies Night” has been a success, and it’s only gaining steam as the positive reviews by the LGBT community continue to come in.

“The response was extremely positive — it’s a laid back atmosphere with no cover and the music isn’t overly loud so people can easily chat. Folks have actually been thanking us for hosting the event as there aren’t many consistent LGBT options in the Miami area,” Kotb said. “It’s also a little different since people can enjoy a meal together; people enjoy one of two dining areas, then head to The Garden for drinks after or simply do one or the other. It’s a very diverse crowd, so it seems that everyone is very comfortable in the setting.”

If nothing else, The Lesbian Takeover at Mina’s provides guests with an opportunity to munch on some classic Mediterranean cuisine and enjoy drink specials starting at five bucks. The night isn’t just meant as a singles night, it’s meant as a networking and mingling event for the lesbian community in a setting that couldn’t be more comfortable.

According to Kotb, the crowds couldn’t be more welcoming, and the atmosphere at her monthly ‘Ladies Night’ has quickly taken on a sort of pseudo-family atmosphere.

“It’s special every week simply because it’s a diverse, good spirited crowd that seem to always enjoy themselves! We are starting to see both familiar faces and new ones every month.”