On November 28, 2020, SFGN assigned its photographers to capture one day in the life of South Florida’s LGBT community.

We also asked our readers to submit their own photos. Too often in the news we read about the famous, the politicians, or celebrities. Rarely do we hear about the people that actually make up the LGBT community — from the bartenders, waiters and hairdressers to the retirees and drag queens. That’s why this issue celebrates the lives of the everyday LGBT person. These photos are a reminder that the LGBT community is numerous and diverse. We like to relax at the beach, walk our dogs, raise funds for charities, bike ride, shop, work, eat and play. These photos show the normality of being LGBT. We are the same. All of us. We do the same thing. We live and enjoy the same lives as our straight counterparts. We all have more in common than we do apart. We are a part of each other.


9:30 a.m. Former Commissioner Julie Carson and her mother Louise Carson catch up on Saturday mornings. Photo by Carina Mask.


11:26 a.m. Julian’s Fountain of Youth has their first-ever sidewalk thrift store. Photo by Carina Mask.

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