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It may seem hard to believe but it was two years ago this week that we were reeling from the senseless shooting at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando. At the time it was the deadliest shooting in American history. This week, the documentary “49 Pulses” comes to the Gateway Theatre beginning Friday, June 15.

The film is named for the 49 people who were killed by a lone gunman. 58 others were injured in that mass shooting. The film examines what happened in that nightclub on June 12, 2016.

“Our country has been ravaged by mass shootings, especially Florida,” Filmmaker Charlie Minn said. “Pulse did not get as much coverage as Parkland. More than 100 people were shot in Orlando. There needs to be more attention paid to the LGBT victims.”

“49 Pulses” focuses on the testimonies of survivors, victims' family members and police recordings. The chilling 911 calls, haunting cell phone video and police dash cam footage make you feel like no time as elapsed at all since that fateful night in Orlando. But the film is about more than the gun violence. While some of the survivors may look familiar from TV news coverage, you won’t have a complete understanding of that evening, unless you see the film.

“People should see this movie,” said film buff Ron Tenenhaus. “It focuses on the lives that were lost and the survivors. It is not political or about gun rights. It is a beautiful film.”

Screenings at the Gateway are at 3 p.m. and 7:10 p.m. for the next week.
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