A GoFundMe page set up to rebuild H.G. Roosters in West Palm Beach in the aftermath of a major fire, has raised more than $44,000 in one week.

“I am overwhelmed by the amount which has been raised by the GoFundMe page,” said A.J. Wasson, owner of the bar.

A week ago a fire broke out in the building destroying the kitchen as well as damaging other parts of the bar. Wasson estimates it will take $300,000 to rebuild and is determined to see it through.

There’s an ongoing investigation into the cause of the fire, but no determination has been made yet. Wasson speculated last week a lightning bolt may have hit the building.

So far almost 250 people have donated to the campaign. The largest amount, $10,000, coming from Earl and Nancy Stewart, well-known for their Toyota dealerships.

“I have witnessed our LGBTQ+ and supporters come together for so many years. There are so many memories that were born and shared in the building that's known as Roosters,” said Melissa St. John, the entertainment director for the decades old bar. “It’s so much more than a building with a name. It’s what's on the inside that counts. The heart and soul of Palm Beaches LGBTQ+ community. My heartfelt appreciation goes to all who've contributed, called or messaged.”