Here you'll find all of SFGN's coverage of the recent sex predator scandal at The Pride Center in Wilton Manors.


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Wilton Manors Won’t Sever Ties with Pride Center

Pride Center CEO Suspended; 3 More Board Members Resign

Commissioner Calls on City to ‘Sever Ties’ With Pride Center; More Board Resignations

Pride Center Board Votes to Keep CEO; Censure Pending

‘Dark Cloud’ Hangs Over Pride Center; CEO Apologizes

Outraged Parents Threaten to Protest ‘Diversity Honors’ Over Sex Predator Scandal

Robert Boo Addresses Sex Predator Scandal at Coffee & Conversation

Pride Center Board Member Calls on CEO to Resign As Sex Predator Scandal Grows

Sex Predator Charged With Illegally Working at Pride Center

Pride Center Whistleblower Informed Staff of Sex Predator in 2015

Sex Predator’s Job at Pride Center Brings Scrutiny to Board

Pride Center’s Playground Prompts Removal of Sexual Predator