It’s already that time of year again, which means it’s time to go shopping for our friends and family. Each year the staff of South Florida Gay News likes to help make your life easier by providing you with fun and exciting gifts that anyone in your life would enjoy. No matter if you have a techie in your life or someone who likes health and beauty, we have something just for you to save you time on your shopping list this year. So, without further ado, we present you with our holiday shopping list.

The Slate by iskn

Brendon Lies – Art Director

Cost: $169 for the Essential Pack

Order online at:

Why I like it:

The Slate allows you to do something that those of us in the art community have dreamed of for a long time. By just sliding a ring onto your favorite pencil, you can draw on an ordinary sheet of paper and, as you work, have your art converted into digital format. Most (affordable) digital art tablets don’t have screens on the drawing surface; thus, there’s an awkward learning curve to get used to staring at a computer while your hand works on its own. With the Slate, that learning curve is eliminated; you (or your favorite artist) can instantly create beautiful high-resolution artwork without ever losing touch of the sweet intimacy that goes into visual creation.



Kindle Paperwhite E-reader

Brittany Ferrendi – Webmaster

Cost: $119.99 (currently on sale for $99)

Order Online at:

Why I like it:

Keeping a trusty e-reader at your side makes travel so much easier for the reader on the go. It's better than a tablet because it's glare-free and easy on the eyes — in fact, it looks exactly the same as reading a piece of paper. You can buy and download books through Amazon, or if you're tech savvy you can download and import your own. Book lovers beware: Once you try one out for yourself, you'll never want to lug books around again.


Nespresso VertuoLine Coffee & Espresso Maker

Tucker Berardi – Social Media Manager

Cost: $119.99

Order Online at:

Why I Like It:

This espresso maker can brew individual cups of coffee and espresso, and can heat up water for brewing in 15 seconds. It can also be programmed to use less water, resulting in stronger coffee. It takes roughly 30 seconds to brew an espresso, which means this machine has a rate of roughly 120 espressos-per-hour. I can’t really say any more to sell this thing other than the fact that it can have you wired and productive in a matter of minutes.



John McDonald – News Editor

Cost: $41.57

Order Online at: (Free Shipping)

Why I like it:

Too many turkey bones clogging the kitchen sink? Bathroom plunger intimidating your sleepover friend?? What better way to drain your personal swamp than with a time-honored cleaner like Drano. Yes, knock out that blockage with a splash of sodium hydroxide, sodium nitrate and sodium chloride. And hallelujah! Walmart has this 32-ounce potion available for $41.57 with free shipping.


VTech DigiArt Creative Easel

Justin Wyse – Sales Manager

Cost: $54.99

Order Online at:

Why I Like It:

There is nothing more important than teaching our children whether they be yours or your nieces or nephews how to be creative and express themselves. This great item stands at 40” tall and has 121 led lights and a dry erase board for them to use as well. This toy not only teaches them to be creative but if used in the learning mode you can teach the children basic learning from ABCs to specific shapes, animals and more. And it also plays music so just in case in you like to provide those special toys that make noise this does it for you too. The best part is that it’s mostly a mess free gift for children.


Kathy Griffin’s Celebrity Run-Ins 

Tim Higgins – Sales Assistant

Cost: $26.99 (On Sale for $16.86)

Order Online at:

Why I Like It:

With her newly released book just in time for the Holidays, there is no better book to buy your friends who love Kathy Griffin. Every gay household should have at least one copy of this book on hand. This might help you and your friends get through the next four years of Donald Trump. Watch for her live book signings throughout the USA to get the book personally signed.


Foot Spa – Multiple

Jason Parsley – Associate Publisher

Cost: Varies

Order Online at: Amazon

Why I Like It:

There is nothing better than kicking back and relaxing with a heated foot spa! Be careful though many of the brands out there don’t actually heat the water (which is the point of a relaxing foot bath!).

Here are a few versions I like. Just remember you get what you pay for but I included a lower end model as well. Kendal (All in one foot spa bath massager w/ heat, HF vibration, O2 bubbles, red light, $94.98); Giantex (Portable Foot Spa Bath Massager Bubble Heat LED Display Vibration Infrared Relax, $67.99); Homedics (HoMedics FB‐400 Bubble Therapy Foot Spa with Heat Boost Power, $34.99).


Autel Robotics X-Star Premium Drone with 4K Camera

Norm Kent - Publisher

Cost: $899 (On Sale for $699)

Order Online at:

Why I Like It:

Whether you are in the Keys on a boat, wanting to track gulf waterways, or just seeking to violate all privacy laws by spying on your lover, there is no technology more endearing than the advent of drones, destined to become the new way of getting your sex toys or sandwiches delivered swiftly by amazon or uber. More likely to be used by cities to spy on your backyard code enforcement violations. Likely to last longer than the hula hoop or yo-yo, and remain just as popular, there is a drone in your future. Get used to it.


Donald Trump Survival Kit

Edwin Neimann – Advertising Sales Associate

Cost: $18.99

Order Online at:

Why I Like It:

Ready or not, we will face the reality of President Trump in less than two months, so if you can't afford to leave the country for four years, then start putting together your survival kit now! The Donald Trump Bullshit Protectors headphones are perfect for silencing Trump's voice. They also work great for blocking out family members or friends who just love to tell you how President Trump is going to make America SO great again. And for $35.99 extra you may even be able to get a kit "autographed" by President Trump! (May not actually be autographed by Donald Trump.)

So get to shopping before time runs out, you only have two and a half weeks to get those gifts in order. The staff here at SFGN thanks you for considering our ideas this year, hopefully we’ve helped make your shopping a tad bit easier. Many of our gift ideas can be found at local retailers here in South Florida as well, just spend a little time shopping around and waiting in lines to make that special someone happy this year. The staff here wishes each of you a Happy Holiday and Happy New Year!