Lily Singh, a popular bisexual YouTuber, says people told her it was a bad idea to tweet about her bisexuality, due to her fans in parts of the world that weren’t accepting. 

In an interview with Marie Claire, Singh spoke about her sexuality, how her idols turned into friends, and her new talk show, A Little Late With Lilly Singh. She said she wants to have women and people of color frequent her show, and that when she came out, people told her not to talk about it online.

“When I tweeted about being bisexual, a lot of people told me it’s bad, that I shouldn’t do that, especially because I have fans in cultures around the world that might not support it.” Singh told Marie Claire. “I remember making the decision, like, ‘Well, eff it, you don’t get to have an opinion about who I am.’”

Singh’s talk show aired Monday September 16.

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