Swedish car company Volvo and ad agency Grey London unveiled new family parking spot designs to coincide with London Pride this past weekend.

The new family parking signs show non-traditional families, including two women with a baby in a stroller, a single man with two children, and an elderly person with a baby. Traditionally, the UK signs showed a heterosexual couple with a baby.

“According to the Office of National Statistics, 65% of U.K. families are non-traditional,” Grey London Creative Director Joseph Ernst said in a press release. “But the family iconography we see every day still doesn’t reflect this. To launch Volvo’s ultimate family car, the new V60, we wanted to represent families of all kinds. The Volvo Family Icons are a celebration of the broad spectrum of diverse families living in the UK today.”

Volvo also aired a new commercial July 9 titled “The New Family Model” which interviewed same-sex couples.

“We’re a really family-centric car brand,” said Volvo’s  U.K. representative Georgina Williams via commercial. “Families have evolved into all different shapes and sizes, and we’re evolving with that with this latest iteration of the V60.”

Watch the commercial below.