UK Transgender People Sit on Waiting List For Gender Clinics

A doctor showing his trans patient where to inject. Photo via The Gender Spectrum Collection, Vice

Transgender and non-binary individuals in England are sitting on an over 13,500 person waiting list for gender identity clinics, according to BBC.

Referrals to gender clinics have increased since 2016, and England’s National Health Service has been coping with the influx by increasing investment, but BBC found that some people have been waiting for three years to see a doctor. Emma Meehan, the public affairs assistant director at the LGBT Foundation told BBC it’s not enough.

"Currently the NHS is falling drastically short when it comes to supporting trans and non-binary people. NHS Guidelines say 18 weeks is the limit from referral to treatment. In reality the average waiting time for a first appointment with a gender identity clinic is 18 months," Meehan told the BBC.

NHS England told BBC their staff is working hard to reduce wait times for patients, and providing support in the meantime.