Transgender Students More Likely To Face Mental Health Issues

SFGN File Photo

A study conducted on college students found transgender students were more likely to struggle with mental illenss than other demographics.

The internet-based Healthy Minds Study published in a research journal surveyed 65,000 adults from 71 U.S. colleges, according to VOA News. Sarah Ketchen Lipson, an assistant professor at Boston University School of Public Health and the survey’s lead researcher, said not only are they more likely to suffer from mental illness, they were more likely to face every single kind of mental health issue.

“Trans folks are not even visibleon many college campuses,” Campus Pride Executive Director Shane Windemeyer told VOA. “They are not seen as a population to serve, still on many campuses.”

Lipson says education and knowledge are the keys to being an ally to transgender people with mental illness.