Not all trans people aim to “pass” (that is, be immediately read as a specific gender). Yet for those who do — regardless of why — it can be one of the biggest challenges of transitioning, especially early on. 

Whether you’re journeying towards the male spectrum or the female spectrum, here are six helpful tools from credible websites to get you heading in the right direction. 


Breast Forms
Maybe you’re not able to start hormones, or maybe the results aren’t yet as drastic as hoped. Give your breasts their missing cushion with this breast form. It may be tempting to jump to a size H, but try to find a size that matches your frame. And remember; better quality equals better results! 

Platinum Seal Classic 1 Attachable Breast Forms 
Price: $224 - $274 
Check the rest of the website to find the right quality or price! 

Knowing how to cover stubble is a huge benefit that will get you by as you ponder your options. Start with a bit of matte red lipstick for the base to counteract the blue hue of stubble, blend well, then apply foundation… Once you master the right blending, you’ll feel like yourself within minutes each morning. 

Borghese 7-Pc. Ready-To-Wear Color Collection 
Price: $59 
Also look online for foundation and matte lipstick 

Panty Girdle
This versatile garment aids in keeping your hips snug, your belly flat, and your physique well tucked. This particular girdle has a zipper for easy removal, and is built for firm control, comfort, and flexibility. 

Power Shaper by Underworks 
Price: $57 
Be sure to size yourself carefully 


If done wrong, binding your chest can be almost as uncomfortable as not binding your chest. This style was my personal favorite with even-coverage and lots of stomach breathing room, but various styles are available, so be sure to look around. And remember — if your breathing feels restrained, go up a size. 

Econo High Power Compression Chest Binder by Underworks 
Price: $17 
Be sure to size yourself carefully 

Surgery is expensive, and not all trans guys are convinced that the results are worth it. While you decide, hang onto that bulge and feel a bit more complete with this top-of-the-line packer. Four-in-one packers are available as well. 

FreeTom Prosthetics 
Price: $162 - $243 
Clearance options available 

Many packers are already designed as STPs, but they can be quite an investment. If you’re resorting to a sock bundle to pack, you’ll need something else for those outings at the dance club when all the stalls are taken. This model allows for easy pocket-transportation, but plastic varieties are also available. 

Mr. Fenis 
Price: $25 
Sells out quickly - check back often! 


Voice Training App
Working your voice into a different frequency is no small task, especially for trans women. While trans men may have an advantage if they choose hormone therapy, not all guys fit in right away to their new vocal cords — and of course, HRT is not for everyone. No matter the situation, these two apps are here to help! 

Eva MTF and Eva FTM 
Price: $4.99 
Available on iOS