Top NYC Officials Condemn Surgeries on Intersex Children

Oxiris Barbot Via Twitter

City Health Commissioner Dr. Oxiris Barbot and Human Rights Commissioner Carmelyn P. Malalis said medical providers should defer genital surguries on intersex infants until they’re old enought to consent.

The pair wrote an op-ed for Ozy.comexpressing their concerns over unnecessary surgeries meant to normalize genitalia. They say doctors should wait until the intersex person can choose whether they want the surgery for gender-affirming purposes.

“Now is the time for doctors to respect the rights of intersex people, use compassionate care with children and only perform surgery when the health of a child is at imminent risk or it is consensual,” the pair wrote. “Parents deserve to be given resources for social and psychological support when their children are born with intersex traits, not pressured into having doctors operate. New York City will continue to support and advocate for intersex people, and we call on others to join us as allies.”