Study Shows Asexuality is Widely Misunderstood

Three quarters of people in the U.K. don’t know what asexuality is, according to a Sky Data poll.

 Sky Data asked U.K. adults whether they were confident in defining asexuality, and only 53 percent said they were confident. But when they were put to the test, 75 percent failed. They either got the question wrong, or didn’t know that asexual people experience a sex drive. Dr. Michael Yates, a psychologist in sexual health said this shows that the world has some catching up to do.

“It shows there is still a lack of understanding of the diversity that exists when it comes to sexuality. We’re getting better, but our society is highly sexualized and the messages we get around sex are pretty constant,” Yates said. “This leads to shame, distress and discomfort for [asexual] people who feel they should be doing something that they are just not biologically driven to do.”