A recently published Italian study found that children of same-sex couples fared better psychologically compared to opposite-sex couples.

“Children with same-sex parents fare well both in terms of psychological adjustment and prosocial behavior,” the study published in the Journal of Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics reported.

The study looked at 125 lesbian women who had children through donor sperm, 70 gay men who had a child through a surrogate and 195 opposite-sex couples.

“Contrary to our expectations that no differences would be found in the parental dimensions between the family types, gay fathers generally reported themselves as more competent and satisfied in their couple relationship and living in the most cohesive and flexible family environment,” researchers of the study said.

“Overall, it would seem that they tend to have associated better outcomes and actually are not the ones who need additional support in terms of improving children’s outcomes; yet, they are wrongly identified as possibly being worse at parenting.”

Heterosexual couples reported more difficulties than same-sex couples — yet all types of couples still fell within normal ranges.

The study provided parents with a questionnaire about their ability to parent their children as well as how easy it was for them to adjust to parenthood. The study also analyzed the couples’ children psychologically and socially.