2018 has ushered in many new and exciting trends in South Florida while building on existing ones, adding new and different dimensions to decorating and personalizing your space. Here's what we're seeing…


Vacation Style Living - Why wait to spend two weeks at your luxury beach chic hotel when you can incorporate all the trappings of your favorite spot into your everyday living space inside and out.

Balcony-style living rooms

Framed plants, no green thumb needed

– Poolside dinning spaces

– Mini-bars

Outdoor ceiling fans and entertainment panel


All of the above create a more relaxing environment for that much needed downtime.   


Super Sleek Kitchens - The hottest trends include smooth faced cabinets, while concealed appliances help to create a completely clean, cool and minimalist approach to creating your next culinary delight. Cement flooring/counter tops? Yes. This new trend is cool and sleek but more importantly won't break the bank or break easily. Stay calm, cool and polished with all the many options to choose from. 


Deep Colors - More indulgent colors like dark purple, lush green and ruby red are the new trends emerging in 2018 as Floridians move away from the traditional bright blue and yellows. These new big and bold tones contrast nicely against light beige and a gray wall backdrop in keeping with a clean, modern look with just the right amount of sizzle. 


Added Functionality - The biggest trend of 2018 is turning every room, every square foot into livable space with continuous consistent design. Throw out those standard and traditional shelving units and explore ways to customize the spaces with functionality which flow and become a part of every room. 


Some other notable design trends:

  • Geometric tables and tiles
  • Fringed furniture has come off the runway and into your living rooms from fringed pillows to couches to chandlers 
  • Statement rugs underfoot