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Welcome to Sound Bite Q, the column that thanks advertisers who support SFGN. We invite you to support them, because without their outreach to us, we would not be here to reach out to you. More importantly, local papers only survive in our busy world because we are all connected to each other. For me, this column does more than encourage you to patronize one of SFGN’s advertisers. It lets you know a little more about our friends and enables you to feel a little more comfortable using their services with the limited dollars you have.

Lights, Camera, Auction, every Thursday night at 6 p.m. the lights go on…and out strolls the Handsomest Auctioneer in the state of Florida. The crowd is milling around the neatly stacked cabinets, and they are poking through the rows of neatly positioned furniture. Still others are at the jewelry counters or examining the walls for art work and looking up at the ceiling for tonight's selection of chandeliers. It is not hard to find the interior designers in the room, they are the ones with three or four people in tow, waltzing the people around the display cabinets, drifting through the furniture and then examining the artwork. It is also easy to spot the dealers, they are the ones sitting by themselves not speaking to anyone.

What’s that line at the window for you ask? Those are the people signing in to get a number so they can bid in tonight’s auction. It is called a bidder's paddle and it is the only thing you need to bid on any lot in tonight's auction. To see the items before the crowd arrives, which is called a preview, you can stop by earlier in the week. Generally the day before the auction is a good time or earlier in the day of the auction works well for it is less busy. Line up your new bronze today.

Did I mention that pizza? It is served about one hour before the handsomest auctioneer in West Florida is ready to sit down and start the auction. Look what’s in their weekly auction catalog to find vintage jewelry and watches, vintage and mid-century modern furniture and design, art glass, sculpture, rugs, fine art prints and photography, sports memorabilia, collectibles, vintage fashion and much more. Many great buys to furnish your home or apartment, and to boot, it’s a great, fun, social experience at a popular auction house.

Auctions start promptly at 6 p.m. every Thursday. You can visit them online at or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..