SFGN'S 2018 Holiday Gift Guide: Tested Trending Items

Each holiday season, we always wonder what to buy that oddball friend of ours or family member for the holidays. This year I personally worked with some vendors to bring to you a variety of items that have been personally tested.

These products are highly recommended all over the Internet and once tested the consensus proved to b true. 


What: Ecobee 4 with built in Alexa and smart sensor

Price: $249.99

Where: ecobee online


Why: This thermostat comes complete with built in Wi-Fi and the Alexa smart home. Founder and creator Stuart Lombard worked to create a product to help reduce his family’s carbon footprint. Some of the greatest features are the ability to control the thermostat from anywhere through the app itself and the ease with which you can install the product. Although I have not used the product on a long-term basis, we have seen an improvement on how much our a/c unit is working which is remarkable compared to the standard old thermostats. Ecobee does claim that it will lower your expenses by 23 percent when used on a regular basis. This is a home run with me!


What: Men’s Daily Advance Routine & Ultimate Anti-Aging

Price: $77 & $75

Where: Brickell Men’s Products Online


Why: When taking care of your skin, Brickell offers some of the best products for men in South Florida. While they can be purchased online, they are also available in select retail shops locally. Both products used together offer a great way to not only cleanse your skin on a regular basis but to also work towards looking a few years younger. The routine package offers three products that work together and provide immediate results to healthier looking skin. While the anti-aging products work in a short time, together they smooth wrinkles and firm the skin around the eyes. 

What: BAKblade 2.0

Price: Starting at $29.95

Where: BAKblade Online


Why: What an amazing invention to remove that pesky back hair without shaving cream or the help of a friend. Nobody enjoys trimming or removing back hair and the BAKblade has made this easier for anyone to enjoy. It offers an easy to use curved handle and can be used both wet or dry. This technology offers a protected blade that practically keeps you from cutting yourself while handling your business in the shower. They also offer a variety of other unique products online and even a home trial kit or monthly subscription to help you to never forget to handle your back hair.


What: Autoblow2

Price: $179.99

Where: Autoblow Online

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Why: Now how about something a little naughty for the friend that’s promiscuous. A few years ago, we featured this original product with huge success and the makers have now released a new version of the Autoblow. The new version offers the user a tighter firmer grip creating a better result if you understand my drift. While you still must plug the product in to use it, it does offer great personal or group pleasure when used properly. It’s still the leading male masturbator in the world with over 200,000 men pleasuring themselves with it regularly. 

That’s it this year folks. It’s a nice little variety of products with some twist and turns for those who need help along the way. If your still worried about what to buy someone, you can always rely on the trusty gift card or standard old candle gift. Spice things up and step out of your comfort zone this holiday season and bring smiles to your friend’s face. 


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