Are you tired of shopping already for the Holidays or just don’t quite know what to buy someone? Well the staff of SFGN has spent some time shopping for you this year and has come up with a variety of gifts for those who enjoy electronics, clothes, accessories and even some adult fun. So with no further adieu we present the 2015 Staff Picks.

Dennis Jozefowicz – Internet Director
Samsung EVO 850 250 Gig SATA III 2.5” Solid State Hard Drive

With today’s modern computers, the bottle-neck that slows you down the most is the hard drive. Probably the best upgrade you can to do for your computer is getting a solid-state hard drive. I personally got the Samsung EVO 850 to upgrade a refurbished laptop I purchased for DJ’ing, and what a HUGE difference. The technology has gotten stable enough that solid-state hard drives are as reliable as regular hard drives, and Samsung has become the leader in the field. And boy is it fast. Booting up Windows 10 on a 2.5 GHz Intel i5 laptop is only 4-5 seconds from power-on to desktop, and opening software is instant. Cloning your existing hard drive to this SSD is super easy with included software, and a generic USB3-to-SATA adapter. (It’s sold separately, for approximately $13.) It’s made for laptops with SATA III, but it will work, and improve computers with SATA II.

Cindy Curtis – Advertising Sales Associate
The Audrey – Personal Vibrator

Devon Woods – Administrative Assistant
Rebellious Ryan

I would recommend Rebellious Ryan because of its sex-flesh material, making it feel more realistic compared to your typical dildo, and the length and girth helps you hit all the right spots, for only $16.00!

Brendon Lies – Art Director
Steam Link and Controller

For the computer game addict: Want to get your pc gamer out of the man cave and into a more family-oriented space this season? With both the Steam Link and Controller, it's now possible.

Link allows your computer to transmit full screen video feed onto your favorite TV screen, while the much-anticipated Steam Controller allows unparalleled control over games. With a hepatic touch pad and a patented design, the Controller is designed for games that wouldn't otherwise function without a mouse and keyboard. This season, show the gamer in your family how much his presence in the family would be appreciated.

John McDonald – Editor
Kenneth Cole New York Side Logo Tie Clip

Why do people need tie clips? Well, for starters it keeps your business professional look in place on those windy days. It also adds an element of class and air of sophistication. Might I recommend this particular tie clip from Kenneth Cole available through Macy’s. Suit up, fellas.!

Jason Parsley – Associate Publisher
Apple TV
$149 – 32G
$199 – 64G

We all love apps and so it just makes sense that apps will be the future of TV just like they’ve become such an integral part of our Smartphone experience.

Justin Wyse – Sales Manager
dENiZEN by Levi’s

We all love to look fashionable but great fashion usually comes at a higher price. Well Levi’s has done created the perfect jean for men and women of all sizes. They have created a jean that has some give to it allowing room for the holiday growth while not compromising your jean size. They fit perfectly every time and look great too. Fashion forward, priced perfect, fits every budget and makes a superb holiday gift for anyone in your life.

Edwin Neimann – Advertising Sales Associate
Access Denied Men’s RFID Blocking Wallet Bi-Fold Leather
$48.95 (10 color choices available)

If you have had your credit card compromised recently, then get this wallet.   Not only will it protect your credit cards, but it's stylish too!   Choose from a variety of styles and colors and get a wallet that's sexy and keeps your cards safe.  

Each year we try to provide you with the most current and top selling gifts available and I hope we have done that again this year. The staff at SFGN enjoys their holiday shopping so we hope these simple gifts will help make the shopping whether online or in the stores as easy as possible. We here at SFGN hope you enjoy your Holidays this year!