What do you get the Gay who has everything? Take your pick from these holiday gift ideas, perfect for LGBT foodies, techies, adventurers and more.


Great Scott! It’s not the Hoverboard Zemeckis and Mattel promised us back in 1989, but EROVER isn’t a bad compromise. This hands-free, Segway-like self-balancing scooter boasts speeds up to nine miles per hour and a distance of nine to 12 miles on a single charge.

From $250, Amazon.com


Restaurant-quality dining sets up shop in your home kitchen with Mellow, a WIFI-connected, sous-vide-style food-preparation device that cooks food with such precision you’ll think your hubby hid Wolfgang Puck in the pantry.

$399, CookMellow.com

Fitbit Charge HR

In a sea of wearable fitness devices that make claims they don’t live up to, Fitbit stands out for its streamlined design and forward-thinking functionality. Its latest incarnation, Charge HR, multitasks as a heart rate monitor, daily activity and exercise tracker, sleep monitor, and a watch with caller ID.

$150, fitbit.com

#LoveWins Tapestry

Your pride speaks for itself with the handmade #LoveWins watercolor tapestry that looks just as great hanging on your wall as it does worn as a shawl.

$79, Society6.com

Shore Projects Watches

Style is of the essence in this customizable collection of watches from ‘across the pond.’ UK-based Shore Projects lets timepiece-toting dandies to choose from 14 different faces that are interchangeable with a selection of 24 straps available in a spectrum of colors and patterns, like leather, pastel, and polka dots.

$260, USA.shoreprojects.com

Mahabis Slippers

Available in classic and summer styles, Mahabis has reinvented the traditional slipper with detachable, customizable soles; collapsible heels; and an impossibly soft sheep’s wool lining for a sleek, Instagram-ready footwear experience designed with your fashionable little piggies in mind.

$89, Mahabis.com

Somabar Robotic Bartender

This app-controlled robotic bartender takes up about as much counter space as your standard KitchenAid mixer while letting you create cocktails and infuse bitters with the ease and effortlessness of a bottle-tossing Brian Flanagan.

$429, SomeBarKickStarter.com

Ridge Merino

Whether you’re bombing down a dusty slope or just binge watching Netflix while you ‘chill,’ Ridge Merino has you covered – literally – with its line of moisture-wicking, UV-protecting, cold-weather undergarments that keep your body covered and comfortable despite the elements.

From $25, RidgeMerino.com

Pride Collection from glassybaby

Light up your holiday and pride parties with this rainbow-colored collection of hand-blown, Martha Stewart-endorsed candleholders, 10 percent of the proceeds from which are donated directly to organizations that provide financial and emotional assistance to those in need.

$264, glassybaby.com

Coolest Cooler

A high-performance blender, outdoor Bluetooth speaker with Party Pairing, USB charger, LED lid light, bottle opener, accessory deck, and other awesome integrated essentials will make you the token LGBT P-I-M-P of your next Sunday morning tailgate party.

$485, coolest.com

BB-8 Droid

Star Wars fever got the jump-off earlier this year when video of BB-8, Sphero’s app-enabled droid, starting rolling around on YouTube, and social media blew up with anticipation for the most adorable robot since Wall-E. Features include voice recognition, the ability to record and play back holographic videos, autonomous behavior, and an adaptive personality that’ll make you hope the Force is with you.

$150, Apple.com



Shades stay put with a couple nose-dabs of this balmy blend of beeswax and other all-natural and certified organic ingredients designed to keep sun- and eyeglasses firmly in place.

$10, NerdWax.com

Loopy Cases

Save your phone from those dreaded drops and cracked screens with this case that features a patented loop to make one-handed use secure and stress-free.

$29, LoopyCases.com

Harry’s Shave Products

Quality products at fair prices offer a better way to shave with Harry’s grooming supplies available as one-time gift items (great for Dopp kits or gym bags) or as a subscription that sends replacement products on a pre-selected schedule. From

$5/month, Harrys.com


Save yourself the heart attack of losing your engagement or wedding ring by securely fastening it to a set of keys, necklace, or other hard-to-misplace accessory.

$39.99, RingSafe.com

AJ Murry’s Kentucky Bourbon Candle

Scent up your hotel room, office, man cave, or – because this is the place where its application is most appreciated – the bathroom like a southern whiskey distillery with this tin travel candle that features base notes of vetiver and cedar blended with bourbon, cognac, palmarosa, and rose.

$12.50, AJmurrays.com

AlignMed Posture Shirt

Start the new year with better posture with the help of Good Housekeeping-approved Align Med garments, like the Posture Shirt, engineered with patented NeuroBand technology that provides postural control and muscle activation to relieve pain, improve balance, and increase range of motion.

$95, AlignMed.com

Zipper Earbuds

Why it’s taken so long to find a solution for the ball of wires that are your headphones every time you take them out is up for debate, but these never-tangle zipper earbuds are your saving grace.

$25, CocalilyBoutique.com

Mikey Rox is an award-winning journalist and LGBT lifestyle expert whose work has been published in more than 100 outlets across the world, including CNN.com, The Huffington Post, The Advocate, Instinct magazine, and Out.com, among many others. He splits his time between homes in New York City and the Jersey Shore with his dog Jaxon. Connect with Mikey on Twitter @mikeyrox.